As Tory-run NHS England produces the worst A&E figures in history, the costliest building delays and the most dangerous places to be born, Euan McColm either knows nothing of NHS Scotland or has an agenda. Here’s why:

Boris Johnson’s abundant failure in government as his NHS England A&E waiting time figures for December plummet to new depths below 70%!

Scotland’s A&E departments treat 85% in less than 4 hours over Christmas and beat even the faked figures for NHS England in November

Health Secretary photographed as NHS Scotland Cancer Treatment 95% target is met

You are MORE THAN TWICE as likely to spend more than 12 hours waiting in A&E in NHS England than in NHS Scotland

Has Jeanne Freeman’s letter to EU NHS Scotland staff prevented a real crisis this winter?

Dear Boris: NHS Scotland largest reductions in surgical deaths EVER documented!NHS Scotland beats drug and alcohol treatment target for three years and Reporting Scotland ignores it for the same period

NHS England urged to follow Scotland’s more inclusive bowel screening and save thousands of lives but it’s not newsworthy here

NHS Scotland increasing mental health discharges by 33% in 10 years with 95% treated near to home

As NHS England denies single women Scotland’s IVF service is 100%

Jeanne Freeman demolishes Miles Briggs by revealing that NHS England is short of 25 times as many beds as NHS Scotland is

Reporting Scotland Up reveals Scotland’s hospitals cleanest in UK as Norovirus reports halve here but double there

I could go on.