BBC bias by omission as Scotland gets faster and longer trains running!

From the reader enigmatically titled d9015:

We should note the 15+ years of EGIP rail programme delivered for Transport Scotland

Faster train times on several routes – but notably 20% reduction for Edinburgh-Glasgow expresses which are now 8-coach electric vice 6-coach diesel (33% longer trains 35-40% more passenger capacity)

Whilst on 3 other routes the same new trains replace 2-coach diesels with 3/4-coach electric trains and a 5th route gets 6-coach trains all day vice 3-coach, and displaced diesels means 6-coach vice 4-coach trains on another route.

Compared to having just 1 slightly fragile 50 mile route London-Brighton we now have 5, 47 to 50+ mile routes between Edinburgh & Glasgow with 15 trains/hr each way, plus extra capacity Inverness-Aberdeen, reopened lines to Alloa, and Tweedbank, Electric trains to Paisley Canal, plans for reopened line to Leven, & new connection past Edinburgh Airport – plus new local trains for Dunbar. All with construction teams kept together, learning & improving, to deliver to time & budget on a portfolio of smaller manageable projects, being planned and prepared into the future – compare this to HS2?

Oh & when the delivery of the new trains was delayed Scotland’s railway & government secured 10 newly retired electric trains from England for a short-term lease, to plug that gap – the ‘Happy Trains’.

Footnote: When I googled EGIP, I first got:

Showing results for EGYPT rail scotland

And with perseverance:

The Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) is a comprehensive package of improvements to Scotland’s railway infrastructure. A Scottish Government priority, the EGIP is being delivered by Network Rail and includes modernisation and upgrades to key junctions and infrastructure as well as widespread electrification of the Scottish rail network, including the main line between Edinburgh and Glasgow and to Stirling and Dunblane.

4 thoughts on “BBC bias by omission as Scotland gets faster and longer trains running!

  1. Very positive news, obviously a major program of work. Guess what This is the first I’ve heard of EGIP. All I’ve learned of our rail service from Scotland’s MSM is the service is abysmal, trains skipping stations, overcrowded trains, moaning passangers. No hint or explanation of the work going on in the background.

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