SNP Government told to keep away from climate conference but still likely to pay most of the costs

Boris has blustered often about making COP26 in Glasgow, the ‘best of British’, blissfully unaware that the UK’s ‘green achievements’ are mostly due to Scotland and typically infantile, has warned the FM to keep out of it. But true to the UK establishment’s long history of hypocrisy, his government seems unwilling to pay for it.

From the BBC today:

The cost of a UN climate change conference in Glasgow could be “several hundred million pounds”, police say. Up to 90,000 people – delegates, observers, heads of state and media – are expected to attend COP26, over 12 days in November. A Scottish Police Authority report says it will be the largest mobilisation of police officers in the UK. Scottish ministers say they expect the UK government to cover the “core costs” including emergency services funding. But a spokesperson added there was a “lack of clarity” from Westminster over the issue.

Judging by Gleneagles in 2005, the UK Government will leave Scotland to foot the bill:

The ‘intolerable’ cost of Scotland staging the G8 summit. Tensions over the £72m cost of policing the 2005 G8 summit at Gleneagles have been revealed in newly released government papers. They show the then Scottish Executive wanted the UK government to cover the full amount. But resistance from the UK Treasury saw it only contribute £20m.The total cost of the hosting the G8 summit was £90.9m, with £72m spent on policing. The Treasury agreed to pay £20m of the cost, £10m was paid by the Foreign Office, with the remaining bill being met by the [Scottish] executive.

‘Intolerable’ was the word choice of then FM Jack McConnell.

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