Is this the man with the fighting spirit we need?

NO, neither pro-independence nor ‘pro-independence’ but just ‘better national income accounting for the country’ and not the openly pro-Union ‘completely rubbish approximations’ known as GERS.

See this prof for more:…/2018/08/22/gers-really-is…/

Seeing this triggered a quick look back at McKay’s recent comments and seeing there the kind of fighting spirit many of us long for. See these recent examples:

I feel I’ve also noticed him taking no crap from interviewers like Gordon Brewer so is he one to watch?

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17 thoughts on “Is this the man with the fighting spirit we need?

  1. McKay is excellent, one amongst many. Philipa Whitford is another stalwart. There’s no shortage of genuine talent in the SNP. Also there is no current vacancy for Nicola’s job.


  2. John, if you do Whatsapp can you tweet me a Twitter dm with the address.

    I have information which is stunning from a confidential source..nomphone calls, no mails and no tweets.
    WhatsApp is secure.

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  3. ‘Union’ Jackie Baillie announces today that she is standing for the Depute sub-branch manager post (to replace Lesley Laird who stood down when she lost her Westminster seat. (Will The Baillie replace The Laird in the sub-branch of The People’s Party? – I confess I can scarcely contain my enthusiasm).

    Ian ‘Union Jaiket’ Murray MP is standing for the Ukanian branch depute manager’s post. Ian ‘Union Jaiket’ Murray is backing Jess Phillips MP for the Ukanian branch manager’s post.

    Jess Phillips MP has appointed Blair ‘Better Together’ MacDougall as her campaign guru.

    Strikes me that those labour folk in Scotland who actually believe in the right of (all) the people who live and make their lives in Scotland to choose their own constitutional future will have to start asking themselves some rather searching questions. Very, very, soon now.


  4. Derek is the man for me , he knows his figures,
    which Neil hates. Neil likes to catch interviewees out,
    he has his researchers do the hard work and expects them to be right , he would have been furious at Derek saying he hadn’t read things properly ! .

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