Ludo Thierry

Gee whizz – it appears that lightweight labour leadership contender Jess Phillips MP has appointed oor auld pal Blair ‘Better Together’ McDougall to her campaign team, Cripes – no wonder she was spouting such utter, objectionable Lillian Gish about Scotland the other day. Worth checking out the full slate of ‘advisors’ – Creepy or what? The undead – they walk amongst us!! : Link and snippet below:

Labour leadership candidate Jess Phillips has appointed Wes Streeting as parliamentary chair of her campaign, along with Melanie Onn as an ex-parliamentarian campaign chair.

Alicia Kennedy, who was until recently deputy leader Tom Watson’s chief of staff and once served as deputy general secretary of the party, will be Phillips’ campaign director.

Rachel Kinnock, daughter of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, is set to oversee visits and campaign events during the leadership campaign. She has previously worked for Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.

Ruth Smeeth will lead on stakeholder engagement. The vocal critic of Jeremy Corbyn, who particularly spoke out against Labour’s handling of antisemitism, lost her Stoke-on-Trent seat at the 2019 general election.

The other key appointments are as follows:
 Caroline Badley who is heading up operations
 Matt Goddin is heading up the field team, supported by Steph Lloyd and Labour Students chair Rania Ramli
 Francis Grove-White, formerly of the Labour Party head office and the People’s Vote campaign, will be leading on political strategy
 Blair McDougall, who was Chief Strategist at Better Together, and Will Straw, former executive director of the Stronger In campaign, will act as advisors, particularly on winning again in Scotland and championing a close relationship for Britain with Europe after Brexit.