Go to a Scottish hospital! It’s safer.

I know some don’t like my pursuit of this theme, but my purpose is not to gloat distastefully but rather to strike back at the moronic accusations of the ‘abundant failures in government’ from the Tories. Readers will know, from this blog, that there is almost no area in which Scotland’s public services do not return better statistics than those of England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

A&E waiting times are, however, the best measure of performance, at the edge of life and death, daily.

In December 2019, NHS England’s Type 1 A&E departments treated only 68.6% within four hours.


In the week-ending 29th December, NHS Scotland’s A&E departments treated 85%. The monthly data is not yet in but for the other weeks of December, the figures were 79.9%, 78.9%, 82.6% and 81.2%, giving an average for the month of 81.52%.


So, there is a 12.92% difference and that makes NHS Scotland 18.83% better.

Remember that the NHS England figures are based on restarting the clock once patients are admitted to departments whereas NHS Scotland count from first entry to A&E so the difference might be even greater.

Remember, also, that NHS England try to massage their data by including their small Type 2 and 3, ‘Elastoplast’, non-emergency units, in hospitals with no full A&E, and that most of the media, other than Guardian and Independent, accept those figures.