SNP cardboard burns!

Ludo Thierry

Confess I was seeing little media over recent festive season but certainly never noticed beeb carrying the good news about 96% of Scotland’s new parents (and their babies!) accessing their wonderful Baby Boxes during 2019 . Can’t help but speculate whether a certain Corporal Signaller (TA) requested one for the birth of her fine wee lad. Given the rarity of her Constituency ‘surgeries’ she would certainly have had the time to complete the Baby Box application info. Link and snippets below:

More than 45,000 baby boxes have been delivered to expectant parents in 2019.

Across Scotland 96% of parents are taking up the opportunity of getting a Baby Box, while the latest parent survey shows 100% satisfaction with the box and contents, which include a digital ear thermometer, clothes and a blanket.
Children’s Minister Maree Todd said: “We now have 96% of expectant parents requesting a Baby Box, a big rise on the 85% when they were first launched in 2017. In total we have now delivered more than 115,000 boxes to families across Scotland which is a huge vote of confidence.”

Research into parents’ views taken in December 2017 shows 100% are either satisfied or very satisfied with the overall quality of the contents.