Scotland’s Unionist Lords claim nearly £3 million in expenses for…..

Child abuse by Lib Dems? Nothing to do with me! GETTY IMAGES

By Ludo Thierry:

The ever excellent SNP MP Tommy Sheppard has combined with the National to circulate some useful short-form update info on the House of Lords reflection of today’s Scottish society (spoiler – no realistic reflection whatsoever). Link and snippet below: (Note in particular the disparity in privately purchased education percentage amongst ‘Scottish’ peers as compared to the relevant full population figures – privilege can be, and is being, purchased every day of the year in ‘British’ Scotland):

SOME facts and figures about the House of Lords from SNP MP Tommy Sheppard’s analysis:

• Number of peers: 781

• Number of “Scotland’s peers” identified by SNP research paper: 87

• Scotland’s peers by party: Labour 33%, Tory 30%, Crossbench 21%, Lib Dem 15%, Ukip 1%, SNP 0%

• Scotland’s peers who support Scottish independence: 0%

• Scottish peers who support remaining in the UK: 100%

• Female Scottish peers: 14%

• Female Scottish MPs: 29%

• Percentage of Scotland’s population who are female: 51%

• Percentage of Scotland’s peers who are over 65: 70%

• Percentage of Scotland’s population aged over 65: 22%

• Percentage of Scotland’s peers who are aged between 16 and 44: 1%

• Percentage of Scotland’s population aged between 16 and 44: 44%

• Percentage of Scotland’s peers who were privately schooled: 60%

• Percentage of Scotland’s population who were private educated: 0.054%

• Total expenses bill of Scotland’s peers 2017/2018: £2,939,035

• Most expensive of Scotland’s peers: David Steel, total expenses £58,492; £591 per day

4 thoughts on “Scotland’s Unionist Lords claim nearly £3 million in expenses for…..

  1. For these HAPPY few, this band of Brothers, it is, in the words of one “Boris the World King”—– the Greatest Union EVER (and we get to hear his words on Repressing Scotland tonight, and every other night).

    Where else would these few dozen retrobate’s ever find a nest so feathered, so kind, so supportive, so generous as to keep them living a life of luxury and subsidised extravagance in their dotage——-

    ——-and all they have to do is vote against the Scottish Interest!

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  2. Huh, you’d think the House of Lords was unrepresentative or something,,,

    ‘Repressing Scotland’ 🙂 nice one Gavin


  3. Two more of the old Lordy foggies popped up on Politics Scotland . Lordy Foulkes when asked about the Labour leadership contest managed to turn it into SNP baad , and say Ian Murray would make a wonderful Deputy PM and at a later stage PM , talk about being in your dotage . Then we had the other Lordy , Menzies Campbell , saying they have a wonderful talent pool to choose from to be the new leader of Fibdems , well you could have fooled us, your last one lasted five minutes , and was so abysmal she lost .These auld guys are just in the Lords for the daily money , they are useless, make no constructive contributions and are an embarrassment to Scotland , for goodness sake have some pride in yourselves , try to make a go of gardening , and give us all peace ! .


  4. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon holds talks with Norway’s PM Erna Solberg in Oslo today. Doing that Day Job Thing Again – World leaders continue to prepare for the changed status that their governments KNOW that the new Indy Scotland is shortly to assume. Link and snippets below:

    Scotland and Norway can work together to play a major role in tackling climate change, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told Norwegian business leaders.

    Addressing the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise conference in Oslo, the First Minister highlighted offshore wind and carbon capture and storage as sectors where the two countries are at the forefront of developing technologies.

    She said she hoped the North Connect project – a 600km cable taking electricity between Scotland and Norway – would progress in the near future following positive analysis by both the UK and Norwegian regulators. And she identified digital health as an area where further co-operation could produce benefits for citizens and provide new business opportunities.

    Norway is Scotland’s sixth largest trading partner with Scottish firms, exporting more than £1 billion in goods and services in 2017.

    More than 100 Norwegian companies are established in Scotland, employing 5,870 people.

    The Acorn Project at St Fergus in Aberdeenshire will seek to capture carbon dioxide from gas processing activities and use existing offshore pipelines to transport it to storage under the central North Sea.


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