Recent tweets: Scotsman, Boris and the Donald…..

2 thoughts on “Recent tweets: Scotsman, Boris and the Donald…..

  1. Well, I’m beginning to think it’s a bit pointless moaning about Boris, or the UK government, or the state of the media until we not only settle the question of do we get our referendum or not, but the question of the constitution – are we actually in a union, or are we a colony? Everyone is pretending like we are part of a union, but the uk parliament has just effectively ignored the devolution settlement and the Scottish government. So, are we or are we not? Waiting to have a referendum bestowed upon us is pointless if we are a colony, we only have legal status to demand one if we are in a union. So which is it? I want it tested in court and the question answered once and for all – it will dispel myths and means our strategy for gaining independence can be set on the correct path. Enough with uncertainty.

    Start taking action and contribute to this legal crowdfunder, only 7 days left:

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  2. I want MP’S to spend the majority of their time in their constituencies now , not Westminster, it is a waste if time us being there .Work around all of Scotland, dispel all media lies, inform the people what the SNP are doing. When the Holyrood elections come, make sure we have a big majority, continue to dissolve the union!.

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