Photo: BBC

Ludo Thierry

Some useful stats and comparison info regarding Policing in Scotland that one is unlikely to see reported on beeb Scotland is carried today on Link and snippets below: (Note the substantially better basic starting salary for new Police Constables in Scotland as compared with their equivalents south of the border. Also; imagine how much easier today’s Scottish Police Priorities meeting would have been if the Scottish Govt had access to the £125M in VAT monies thieved from Police Scotland by the Westminster Govt?):

The Scottish Government is protecting Police Scotland’s revenue budget in real terms, despite UK Government cuts to the Scottish Budget, and has increased the annual funding for policing by more than £80 million since 2016-17 – bringing it to £1.2 billion for 2019-20. Police Scotland’s capital budget allocation has increased by £12 million in 2019-20 to help enhance its ICT capabilities, including the roll-out of mobile technology, enabling officers to spend more time in the communities they serve. Ministers continue to press the UK Government to pay back the £125 million VAT paid by Police Scotland before the Treasury reversed the policy.

Scotland’s police officers received a 6.5% 31-month pay deal, announced in September 2018 and described by the Scottish Police Federation as the greatest single increase in police pay for over 20 years; This compared with 2% for English and Welsh officers in 2018 and 2.5% in 2019. The basic starting salary for new constables in Scotland is £26,037, in contrast to £20,880 in England and Wales.

A two-year pay award was confirmed for police staff in Scotland – 3.25% for year 2019-20, and 3% for year 2020-21 – which will be paid with December salaries. This follows the implementation of the ‘Staff Pay and Reward Modernisation’ package of reforms to police staff pay, terms and conditions from April.