Ludo Thierry

Useful stats on Scotland’s reducing (record low) Carbon Footprint carried on site today. Note the correlation with the period of the SNP Scottish Govt – Note also the rising figures during the previous britnat lab/lib coalition. Somehow I can’t see beeb Scotland drawing attention to this! Link and snippets below:

Scotland’s Chief Statistician today published Scotland’s Carbon Footprint: 1998-2016. This publication provides estimates of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions on a consumption basis; that is emissions that are associated with the spending of Scottish residents on goods and services, wherever in the world these emissions arise, together with emissions directly generated by Scottish households.

Key points
• Between 2015 and 2016, Scotland’s carbon footprint (emissions from all greenhouse gases) decreased by 6.9 per cent to a record low of 73.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e). This is the largest year on year decrease since the recession in 2008.
• Between 1998 and 2016, Scotland’s carbon footprint fell by 12.3 per cent, from 84.1 MtCO2e in 1998 to 73.8 MtCO2e in 2016.
• Scotland’s carbon footprint rose steadily from 1999 to a peak of 100.9 MtCO2e in 2007 before falling sharply in the following years (coinciding with the recession) and has generally fallen gradually in more recent years. The overall reduction between this 2007 peak, and 2016 is 26.9 per cent.

(NOTE: Scotland’s carbon footprint was rising steadily under the period of the britnat (lab/lib) coalition. The significant reduction following the 2007 recession has been maintained (with further gradual reductions achieved) over the entire period of SNP Scottish Govt. Indicative of an SNP Scottish Govt which takes this matter seriously I would contend.)