After an extended feeding frenzy undermining an SNP politician, a wee apology is too little and too late.

My complaint was received by the BBC on Friday 29th November. It was a simple one and could easily have been responded to in 10 working days as promised but it took until today, 17th December, after the election. Many readers will know that a damning report on midwifery in NHS England, was delayed and that a report on Russian funding of the Conservatives has been held back by the UK Government.

Here is the complaint:

The presenter said: ‘The mother of a girl who died FROM an infection at Glasgow’s ‘Super Hospital’ has told Reporting Scotland she believes her daughter would still be alive if action had been taken when contamination risks were discovered.’ I’m not a medic but it seems quite clear that the infection was a possible third contributory factor in four in, a tragic death, caused by multiple factors and that the assertion that the child died ‘from’ an infection is patently inaccurate.

Here is the response:

Thank you for your correspondence. Your comments were passed to the Editor, Reporting

Scotland, who has asked that I forward her response as follows: “Thank you for being in touch about the 1330 hrs edition on 29th November. I have carefully considered your complaint and agree with you that it was not possible to state definitively that the death was “from an infection”. In the circumstances, a phrase such as “following an infection” would have been more appropriate. I apologise for this and would like to thank you again for taking the time and the trouble to be in touch about your concern.”

The phrase ‘following an infection’ would have been little better. No offer of a broadcast retraction, however, was granted.