BBC Scotland leaders fact-check with one rule for the SNP and different ones for the others

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Nicola Sturgeon said: “75% of Scotland’s electricity comes from renewables.”

Reality Check: This is true, but only one part of the picture.

Other parts of the picture are the selected facts that heating and transport use much less renewable energy and that the WWF has criticised SG policies for not ‘being enough to meet Scotland’s future climate targets.’

It’s grudging but, hey, as long as they apply the same kind of approach ot the others this might be fair.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said: “Now as we come out of austerity with the best growth rate, one of the best growth rates in Europe”.

Reality Check: In the second quarter of this year, the UK had the economic lowest growth rate in Europe, according to the European statistics body.

So, that will be ‘Not true at all?’ A big fib from the Tories who’d have thought?

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said: “In Scotland one in four children are living in poverty and what’s worse is of those children, two out of three of them live in a household where at least one adult is in work.”

Reality Check: These numbers are correct. The Scottish government publishes a sub-set of the Households Below Average Income (HBAI) statistics – the most widely-used way to estimate the number of children in poverty.

Yes but that’s only part of the picture isn’t it? Why are there so many children in poverty? If you don’t answer that, many readers will think the SNP Government must be to blame. Who else? The fact checkers don’t tell us but many of us can smell the elephant in the room:

Tories should bear the shame that child poverty in Britain is the new normal

‘Cruel’ Tory welfare cuts to blame for poor families going hungry, damning report [Human Rights Watch] says

They do mention that child poverty is lower in Scotland than in other parts of the UK, explain that this is in part due to more cheaper housing costs, but then inexplicably seem to be suggesting that this is nothing to do with political actions by, say, the Scottish Government, which of course it is:

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: “The Scottish government has been in charge for twelve years, and during that time mental health services and their waits have got longer”

Reality Check: Waits for children’s mental health services have increased, although an 18-week target was only established at the end of 2014 and comparative data is not available going back to when the SNP took power in 2007.

So, a Lib Dem lie? Again? There have of course been worsening figures in percentage terms as demand soars, but more children have been seen within target times and once more, the rest of the picture, such as the crisis in NHS England, seems not to matter here.

BBC Scotland Fact-check: ‘Looked at the claims they made during the debate.’

Reality Check: They did ‘look’ at the claims but they failed to use consistent standards.

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10 thoughts on “BBC Scotland leaders fact-check with one rule for the SNP and different ones for the others

    1. Its the cleaners, T- servers (gender neutral), window cleaners etc. who’ll get their P45’s, the “Stars” of The airwaves will be looked after with jobs in post Brexit England. Shurely!


  1. “Would you buy a used car from this man” was the jibe used against “Tricky Dickie” Nixon.

    But the BEEB in Scotland would have us buy a clunker from these Brit Nat hucksters—and they would endorse it as being a Broad Shoulders clunker.

    Dumplings standing on the shoulders of Trolls.

    Oh, and a monster threatening to scare away Nessie—Call for David Attenborough!


  2. Thanks to TaxResearch UK blog for directing me to some interesting stats put together by the High Pay Centre. This uses EU data to identify the UK regions with below 75% of average EU GDP.

    Of the 7 areas identified in the UK one is located in Scotland – it is the South of Scotland region. Who has been representing this South of Scotland area in Westminster? Both Fluffy Mundell and Alistair ‘Union’ Jack draw handsome salaries for ‘representing ‘ the South of Scotland at Westminster.

    ‘Union’ Jack is a dyed in the wool brexiteer. Fluffy swore to uphold the ‘Remain’ cause unto political oblivion before caving in to Johnson at the very first command.

    The 75% of EU average GDP metric is used by the EU to determine where ‘catch up’ expenditure should be directed.

    It won’t matter to the extremely comfortably off Fluffy and the immensely wealthy Alistair ‘Union’ Jack whether the South of Scotland misses out on this EU funding – but it will certainly matter to many thousands of honest and hard-working men, women and children living there.

    It only takes a small % of electors to change their votes and both these constituencies can become part of the Scottish solution – rather than part of the British problem.

    Whichever constituency in Scotland any of us live in – it makes sense to vote SNP tomorrow – here’s hoping the good voters of the South of Scotland take their chance. (Notice how Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Belgium and The Netherlands have NO areas falling into this category. Curious how these ‘smaller’, independent, North European nation states always seem to measure up so much better than dear auld UKANIA isn’t it? – I wonder why that should be? – answers on the back of a 5 Euro note please.): Link and snippets below:

    The UK’s poorest regions are falling behind the rest of Europe

    New HPC research, based on data from the European Union, shows that the UK’s poorest regions have fallen further behind the rest of Europe over the past decade.

    Our analysis of the EU data found that the number of UK regions with GDP per capita below 75% of the EU average increased from three in 2008 to seven in 2017 (the most recent figures).

    The seven regions – Southern Scotland; West Wales and the Valleys; Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly; Lincolnshire; Tees Valley and Durham; South Yorkshire; and Outer London – East and North East – are all poorer than anywhere else in North West Europe (defined as the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland).

    The number of regions below 90% of the EU average has also risen from 18 to 23 since 2008. The findings are particularly significant, because the EU uses the 75% and 90% thresholds for allocating funding to poorer regions, meaning that the UK could be eligible for increased funding if it remained in the EU.


  3. Meanwhile – The SNP Scottish Govt and YES majority Scottish Parlt continue to foster Community Ownership in the early days of our New and Better Scotland. In tomorrow’s Westminster election our new and better Scotland can take another important step forward – Let’s Do It. Link and snippets from site below:

    Scotland’s Chief Statistician today published the Community Ownership in Scotland 2018 publication.

    As at December 2018 there were 593 assets in community ownership, owned by 429 community groups and with a total area of 209,810 hectares, 2.7% of the total land area of Scotland.

    In 2018, 37 assets came into community ownership, an increase of 7% from 556 in 2017, comprising an additional 3,223 hectares. There were 27 community groups which took ownership of assets for the first time in 2018.

    Over a third (38%) of assets and a similar proportion (39%) of community groups are located in two local authorities: Highland (142 assets owned by 111 groups) and Argyll and Bute (84 assets owned by 54 groups).

    Considering the land area of community owned assets, Na h-Eileanan Siar and Highland together contain 96.4% (202,174 hectares) of the land area in community ownership in Scotland: 60,042 hectares for Highland; and 142,132 hectares for Na h Eileanan Siar.


  4. Big apologies – I’m reading my post and realising that I’m unwittingly spreading Fake News – I posted above re. the 10 EU areas identified with lower than 75% of EU average GDP (where 7 are in the UK – including South of Scotland area). I included Belgium in my list of ‘smaller’ North European nation states who had no areas in the list of shame – I had neglected to remove Belgium from my list – it does have a single area included. Apologies for being sloppy when I was cutting and pasting (of the 10 identified areas 7 are in UK (1 in Scotland), 2 in France and 1 in Belgium) – Thanks all, – apologies, Ludo


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