Reporting Scotland INTERVENE in the election to blame SNP for 'teacher reductions' but forget to tell us that pupil-teacher ratio is 34% better than in England

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I’m just repeating what they said! They? Somebody called Grey or Carshop or something! We’re just reporting THE news here!

At the beginning of a report heavy with hammy acted indignation from the opposition parties, Reporting Scotland made a deliberate intervention in the election by arbitrarily choosing a fact from many that could have been chosen. To suit the agenda, it was the only one which could be used to imply a failure of some kind and then to remind the viewer/voter that it was the responsibility not of the Scottish Government but of the SNP:

The number of teachers in Scotland is at a ten-year high. The number topped 52 000. That’s up nearly 300 on the last year’s total BUT the total’s still lower than it was when the SNP took office.

That is conscious, naked, propagandising. Had they chosen the figure for the first year AFTER the SNP took office, by which time they could have influenced it, the total would have been HIGHER and, of course, no use to them as propaganda.

The SNP took office in May 2007. How soon could they reasonably be expected to have affected the number of teachers in schools? At best, passing a budget and other policies in the 2007/08 session, you might say that by the academic session 2008/2009, they were?

In 2009 there were 51 371 teachers in Scottish schools. In 2019 there were 52 247, an increase of 876 or 0.45%. In 2007 there had been 52 452 teachers so by 2019 a decrease of 205 or 0.39%. Not significant.

Despite the length of the report, we didn’t get the all-important pupil-teacher ratio. In 2018 it was 13.8 pupils for every teacher. That was an improvement on 13.9 in 2017 and on the high point (bad) of 14.1 in 2015. In 2009 it was 13.4. In primary schools the ratio was 16.1 and in secondary schools, 12.3.

As with A&E statistics, we don’t get any idea of how comparatively good or bad this is but, in England, the ratios were far worse at 20.9 pupils per teacher in primary schools and 16.3 in secondary schools, 33.9%  and 24.5% worse.

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9 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland INTERVENE in the election to blame SNP for 'teacher reductions' but forget to tell us that pupil-teacher ratio is 34% better than in England

  1. Prof John Robertson ,
    Question do you ever get fed up with what looks like you swimming through a tide of endless bilge ,I have seen and heard many suggestions you have made in order to stem this torrent of absolute relentless tripe from BBC Scotland, have you ever had any encouragement from people who can approach this propaganda unit in a official capacity , i am asking because i have seen many suggestions on many site with good ideas that never seem to go anywhere , it must be a little disheartening .

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    1. Thanks
      Fed up? No, I’m like a truffle hound or a terrier after rats. Probably nuts too now.
      Most people in a official capacity have got there by accepting the way things are.
      If you mean SNP figures, then most are following the current line, post-Salmond, which is to absorb and roll with the blows while trying to look adult and responsible.


      1. Yes John it was specifically aimed at the SNP , Alex had a different approach and he did things the establishment couldn’t quite handle , thats why the most watched person in Scotland had to be silenced , all guns were aimed at him , Just sorry the same Persona Non Grata approach was taken with him as was Neale Hanvey & Michelle Thomson , when in difficulty is nice to have friends around .With so much knowledge and experience available I find it a little depressing it’s for the most part being ignored , after all we are all in this together aren’t we ? .


  2. It was also pretty obvious that the Reporting Scotland piece made no mention of whether the number of pupils had risen or fallen over time. As you said the pupil teacher ration, if they had reported it, would have given some indication that supply of teachers was meeting demand.

    It should also be remembered that the Labour-LibDem coalition significantly increased the number of trainee teachers ahead of the 2007 election because they planned to reduce class sizes when they were re-elected. Of course they were not re-elected and the SNP ended up having to cope with a glut of teachers coming on to the market who could not get a job. Cue headlines and Labour making hay. The SNP also wanted to cut class sizes and of course were roundly criticised for the idea…by Labour!

    Radiographers were mentioned in one of your recent articles. I thought this might interest you:

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    1. Because we are a broadcasting colony.

      We used to have GOOD newspapers—papers of Record.
      But they have been asset stripped, any value ransacked by City slickers. Now they give Pravda-lite propaganda for our colonial masters.

      The BEEB? It used to be OK in Scotland: lots of good journalism. Radio Scotland when established had lots of intelligent talk and analysis–was Radio station of the year. Now look at it. Simply dreadful, stripped of content, personnel and with no ambition.
      The rest of the BBC was threatened by David Cameron with closure—-now its utterly cowed and an asset only to the interests of London Casino Capitalists, Oligarchs and Tory financiers.

      Boris has already threatened Channel4 and the remnants of the BBC to keep them in line.

      None of those under threat have been willing to stand up for fair play in Scotland. Hell’ll mend ‘um!


  3. Instead of demos outside Pathetic Quay, Where the only witnesses are on the hourly tourist bus. Time to fire up the “BBC Biased Roadshow” then take it around Scotland. There’s people out there needing educated.

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    1. Clydebuilt so many different approaches being offered ,Paul Kavanagh of “wee ginger Dug fame ” has been producing posters for the last few months , have they been seen or taken up NOPE , it’s only recently the SNP have started to move a bit closer to the main Independence movement , previously it was at best arm’s length acknowledgement I cant understand this affection for this BBC in Scotland when its so obvious they on a daily basis are trying to destroy Independence , most supporters would go for the Throat and cant understand the reluctance .


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