Recent tweets: Politicising health, drug deaths, racism and re-offending

SNP exonerated by BBC figures as Scotland’s drug deaths are shown to be caused by neoliberal UK Governments in the 1980s and 90s

20 year low in criminal re-conviction rates

As probation goes into crisis in England the Scottish model is plagiarised

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2 thoughts on “Recent tweets: Politicising health, drug deaths, racism and re-offending

  1. Anent ‘Good Morning Scotland’ – was there any report on the Ross Thomson MP case on the programme this morning? Mr Thomson is, of course, innocent until proven guilty, however, surely the resignation of an MP because of a second allegation of inappropriate touching of other persons is worthy of reporting? The complainant, Mr Paul Sweeney MP has waived his right to anonymity. He, like any other person who feels he or she has been assaulted is entitled to have his complaint investigated timeously. Since the alleged assault too place in February of this year – 8/9 months ago – the Parliamentary authorities appear to have been dilatory in looking into this matter and the other alleged incident. All of these are reasons why it is in the public interest to broadcast a report this matter.

    It is on the front page of almost every Scottish newspaper this morning, including the Conservative supporting Scottish Daily Mail. BBC Scotlands ‘news values’ usually entail it dealing with the issues raised in the press. Interestingly, the Aberdeen based Press and Journal did not put this matter on its front page – an MP from its own city!


  2. The P+J constantly manage to weave a britnat picture of Scottish life that bears little or no resemblance to the realty.
    Wonder if they’ll mount an investigation into the continuing (utterly unacceptable) slaughter of the re-introduced White-Tailed Sea Eagle population in N.E. Scotland (Note one of the 2 missing Sea Eagles was last recorded over an Aberdeenshire grouse shooting moor. Come on P+J and ‘Scottish’ msm – investigating this should be right up your street, n’est-ce pas? Link and snippets below:

    Two white-tailed sea eagles fitted with satellite tags have disappeared, according to RSPB Scotland.

    The charity said one of the young birds was last recorded near Inverness and the other in Aberdeenshire.

    The RSPB Scotland said transmissions from both tags ended on 22 July in areas managed as grouse shooting moors.

    Both missing birds were from a small white-tailed sea eagle population in east Scotland.

    RSPB Scotland fears the eagles have been illegally killed.

    Head of investigations Ian Thomson said: “The disappearance of these two eagles is more than a loss of two birds.
    “It means any future breeding success they might have had, helping to boost the numbers of these rare birds, has also been destroyed.

    “Illegal persecution is seriously undermining the re-establishment of a white-tailed eagle population in this part of Scotland.”

    The slaughter of these iconic Scottish birds has to be stopped – and stopped quick.


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