Common Space, Labour and BBC collude to present unreliable research undermining Scotland’s achievements in reducing hate crime

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We know objectively that hate crime based on race or ethnicity is in sharp decline in Scotland in contrast to the situation in England. Scottish Labour, BBC Scotland and their pet academics work to try to undermine that good news which might benefit the electoral prospects of the SNP and the Yes movement. Here are the facts based on official statistics:

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Racial crime remains the most commonly reported hate crime, but the number of charges reported has decreased by 37% since a peak in 2011-12. There were 2,880 charges reported in 2018-19, 12% fewer than in 2017-18 and the lowest annual total since consistent figures became available in 2003-04.

We know also of other evidence reinforcing the view that great progress is being made in Scotland. Recently in a research study by the University of Birmingham, we read: ‘Despite sharing the uncertainty over the outcome of the Brexit process, EU families in Scotland feel more welcome and safer than south of the border.’:

However, Common Space are prepared to foreground and no doubt to feed to the MSM with a counter-story based on a small sample, self-selecting or selected by the researcher to further their anti-SNP agenda:

New findings from the University of Edinburgh suggest that over a third of black and ethnic minority people in Scotland have experienced discrimination over the past two years. Commenting on the University of Edinburgh’s survey, lead researcher Professor Nasar Meer, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Science, said: “This survey builds on others in previous years and points to a persistent trend of racial discrimination black and ethnic minority Scots.

This survey was based on 500 black and ethnic minority individuals. There are 80 000 Asians and 30 000 African living in Scotland. The sample is 0.45% and thus not representative. The claims in bold above are not true. As often before in Common Space, Scottish Labour pop up with a cringe:

‘Labour MSP for Glasgow and chair of the Cross-Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia Anas Sarwar also commented: “The results of this study are deeply concerning and should worry us all. ‘Scotland is not immune from hatred and prejudice, and this research shows how much work we still have to do. Every Scot should look at this data and recognise that the fight against discrimination is a fight for all of us.’

Really, did anyone suggest that we are immune or that we still have work to do?

It’s worth noting the lead researcher’s earlier support for the Labour Party:

‘There was under New Labour a move towards recognising the diversity of Muslim civil society and greater flexibility in working with ‘democratic constellations’ of Muslim organisations and interests.’

Reporting Scotland did not of course miss the opportunity to show their usual inabilities to evaluate research:

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2 thoughts on “Common Space, Labour and BBC collude to present unreliable research undermining Scotland’s achievements in reducing hate crime

  1. O/T but in response to your bbc link below – thanks!
    A startlingly reasonable report from them. I’d seen Catriona Renton’s tweets during the match and been surprised then that they hadn’t remorselessly pressed the laughable claptrap that the website had. Maybe some wise heads at the broadcaster are going to move to allow themselves a place in our future!

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