And now a former provost moves over to SNP

Ludo Thierry

Remember the song that Indy supporters used to sing ‘Come and Join Us – Come and Join Us’? – Well, it seems that many good people are doing exactly that. Following on from the great news that Baillie Anne McTaggart is backing Indy we now hear that former Provost of Fife Frances Melville has also declared she is supporting SNP candidate Stephen Gethins for the Fife N.E. constituency in the election. Well done that Provost. Link and snippet below: (I’m noticing Provost Frances Melville shares her name with the very famous Scottish Suffragist and I’m wondering if there might be a family connection? – If so – even better news – Great to see Scotland’s radical political traditions coming more to the fore as people wake up to the potentialities offered by an Indy Scotland within Europe.)

The Liberal Democrats have said they are “disappointed” after one of their former provosts announced her support for an SNP candidate.

Fife’s first woman provost, Frances Melville, has said she intends to vote for incumbent Stephen Gethins at the general election set to be held on December 12.

Ms Melville, who had served as a Lib Dem councillor for St Andrews and Strathkinness ward since 1990, revealed she was voting SNP at the next election rather than the party she had represented.

The Scottish Lib Dems said Ms Melville had not been politically active recently but her decision would be disappointing to those who had campaigned on her behalf.

Ms Melville said: “I will be voting for Stephen Gethins who, in my opinion, is the best candidate before us.

“As an MP for the last four years, Stephen has fought tirelessly for North East Fife and has succeeded in bringing others together across the political divide to oppose Brexit and the damage being done by Boris Johnson’s out of control government.

“At this critical time, we need someone with his experience and approach for the good of everyone here. People need to understand just how important membership of the EU is to North East Fife and Scotland as a whole.”

Mr Gethins said: “I am very grateful to Frances for her support, she is someone who has worked incredibly hard locally and is well respected across the political spectrum.”

3 thoughts on “And now a former provost moves over to SNP

  1. I knew Frances when I lived in St.Andrews. She was much respected and has made a very brave and pragmatic decision at this vitally important time in the future of our country. I hope many more Lib Dems will follow her example

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  2. Everyone is fed up of the Westminster unionists. The State of it. An absolute shambles. They can’t Brexit. The Tories will have to have an election they can lose to get out of their mess. Deja Vu. The Tories got rid of Thatcher. They wanted closer ties with the EU. Geoffrey Howe. It was only closer ties with Europe that improved the British economy after Thatcher. Illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion. Thatcher deregulated banking causing the banking crash, The bankers fund the Tory Party. Thatcher gave the Press over to the right wing. Murdoch for support.

    The Tories want to cause a crash to line their pockets. They are destroying their Party bad Westminster Gov. If Scotland gets Independence out of it. It will improve the Scottish economy. If Scotland gets better off so does the rest of the UK. Everything to play. Deja Vu the Tory Party. In a mess over Europe.Scotland can stay in and become a more successful country. More equal, cohesive and happy. Just like other small successful countries. The norm in the world. Switzerland, New Zealand,Denmark, Ireland and the Scandi countries.


  3. Stephen Gethins can speak five languages. He was once a representative/administrator in the EU and knows how it works. An excellent candidate.


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