‘Labour hasn’t done anything positive for a long time in Glasgow’

Ludo Thierry

BBC Scotland weren’t able to keep this bit of really good news off the website – Welcome aboard the Indy Express Baillie Anne McTaggart, former MSP for labour sub-branch and current Glasgow City councillor. Anne, amongst many other credits – has a proud Scottish Parlt history of trying to improve the legal framework to promote the harvesting of organs for transplant (to increase access to these life saving/ life transforming procedures for those who require it). I for one would like to say “good on you Anne” and I look forward to you pursuing multiple further good, progressive policy ideas in the new and better Scotland we’ll build together with Indy. The more the merrier. Link and snippet below:

A former Scottish Labour MSP has quit the party and joined the SNP.

Anne McTaggart, who is currently a Glasgow city councillor for Anniesland and Drumchapel, confirmed her switch on Friday.

It brings the total number of SNP councillors in Glasgow to 38, with Labour reduced to 30.

Ms McTaggart was a list Labour MSP for the Glasgow region between 2011 and 2016.

She was first elected as a Labour councillor in a by-election in 2009 and was voted back onto the council in 2017.

She said: “I really want to be part of something positive. Labour hasn’t done anything positive of note for a long time in Glasgow.

“Meanwhile, I’ve watched the SNP delivering positive policies, at a national and a city level, which are the right ones for my community.”

During her time at Holyrood, Ms McTaggart put forward a bill that would have introduced an opt-out for organ donation.

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