Daily Telegraph image illustrates Reporting Scotland Up’s call for a hard border

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Surely they saw the implications of this design? © Daily Telegraph

This image under the headline: Crime in Britain’s most affluent areas soaring at faster rate than anywhere else in UK, seems to reveal all-too-graphically the growing need for a hard border between Scotland & England.

The headline and the opening lines conflate the UK and Britain with England, as usual, but the article (safely behind another wall, a paywall) is, no doubt based on statistics for England & Wales:

‘Crime in Britain’s most affluent areas is soaring at a faster rate than anywhere else in the country, a Telegraph analysis of official data has revealed. Robbery, theft and drug offences in the wealthiest districts of England and Wales are outstripping the national average by up to four times, as criminal gangs deliberately target rural and suburban communities.’

Reporting Scotland Up (Talking Up Scotland II) has been campaigning for a hard border for some time now. The reasons are rehearsed below but, of course, EU membership after independence is gained will require one any way.

More pressing is the need to protect Scotland from the tidal wave of violent crime, swelling in parts of England & Wales. The graphic captures this so bloody well. Of greatest importance, would be to restrict the flow of County Lines drug gangs crossing the border. Being largely ignored by the Scottish MSM, only the Sunday Post and the Daily Record  mentioned this Police Scotland warning in January 2019:

‘Police Scotland have warned residents in a Scottish region to be aware of English people who suddenly appear in their communities. The warning comes as Perth and Kinross cops revealed English criminal gangs are flooding the area with drugs. Fears have been raised that young and vulnerable people could be targeted by so-called ‘county lines’ syndicates who are transporting narcotics from the area to the Highlands and Islands.’


More on this at:

Is BBC Scotland’s Disclosure team afraid to expose English ‘County Lines’ drug gangs targeting children despite a government report, two warnings from police and one from a youth charity?

Less dramatic, perhaps, a hard border would restrict other undesirable flows north across the border, reported here, such as measles, privatised listeria hospital sandwiches, mad cow disease, organised crime in the Kirk and fracking:

Scotland loses its measles-free status despite being measles-free

Scotland’s hospitals 100% free of infections related to food!

Leading researcher calls for hard border to keep ‘Mad Cow Disease’ out of Scotland

Leading presidential aide calls for hard border to keep organised crime out of Scotland’s kirks

Fracking begins near our ancestral holiday resort, Blackpool, and far too close to the Scottish border*

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