Duncan Jock Tulloch Jnr, former aide to the US President

It’s getting out of hand. We’ve had ‘County Lines’ drug gangs devastating the communities of the North-East, listeria-filled sandwiches spreading north, the Brexit Party spreading north. Mad Cow Disease started in the South of England and spread north. Now English-based gangs are robbing churches. It can only be a matter of time before they learn what kirks are.

In the Telegraph yesterday:

Almost half of listed churches have been targeted by criminals, new figures show, as police warn of professional gangs using the latest technology find easy targets and map out escape routes. The epidemic of crime is dominated by metal thefts with entire roofs being removed from historic places of worship. The crisis threatening the heritage of rural Britain [sic] is now so great that the heritage body Historic England estimates 40 per cent of listed churches have been targeted.


Last year Talking-up Scotland managed to get an exclusive interview with Duncan Jock Tulloch Jnr, former aide to the US President, before both of us lost consciousness on a trip to one of Scotland’s distilleries. Having just seen BBC Scotland’s dramatic disclosure of English-based gangs taking over the drug-trade in Fraserburgh and Peterhead, the great, great, great-grandson of a Peterboro’ (sic) fisherman, was incensed and so upset, he had to drink even more. TuS manage to get this however:

‘The English are not your friends, believe me. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people!’


‘The border is wide open for cartels and terrorists. Secure your border now. Build a massive wall and deduct the costs from English taxation!’

TuS has already researched and published on this topic. See:

Better together? As crime falls in Scotland, English drug gangs invade Scotland. Build a wall?

What do YOU think? Does Scotland need a hard border with England? Should there be a wall? How high? Who should pay for it? What percentage of the English are good people? Write in and tell us what YOU think. For the best letter there’ll be a smiley face.