Scotland loses its measles-free status despite being measles-free

With independence Scotland would be coloured blue.

By Legerwood

The UK is losing its measles free status. For UK read England mainly. Matt Hancock, UK Health Secretary, talking at the weekend of compulsory immunisation of children before they start school. The immunisation figures for England are not great.

Here are the most recent figures for childhood immunisation in Scotland published 24th September 2019 by ISD Scotland

Childhood Immunisation Statistics Scotland

Uptake rates remain high in Scotland; over 95% of children had received each routine immunisation by the time they were 12 months of age, apart from rotavirus vaccine, which had 93.5% uptake.

Rotavirus vaccine helps to protect young children from infection that causes severe diarrhoea and vomiting. This vaccine should be given within the strict age limits of first dose before 15 weeks and second dose before 24 weeks of age. This short time window explains the slightly lower uptake rate.

The vast majority of children received their booster vaccines by 24 months of age; Hib/MenC (94.5%), Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) (94.4%), MenB (93.7%).

Almost 94% of children had the first dose of MMR vaccine by 24 months of age. This rose to 97.0% for children who reached age five in the quarter ending June 2019, exceeding the 95% target.

Uptake of the second dose of MMR vaccine by five years was 91.3%, rising to 93.4% by age six years.

Earlier piece on this:

As England faces deadly measles epidemic leading Scottish academic calls again for hard border

5 thoughts on “Scotland loses its measles-free status despite being measles-free

      1. I think that wall is in England. But a useful first check-post.

        I have always felt the Roman’s left Scotland not because of our warlike, thrawn nature, although it played a part, but because they had run out of routes where they could build straight roads. The Roman’s loved straight roads. The road from Egypt along the Mediterranean to Carthage and beyond was their ideal.. Scotland broke their wee road-building hearts. Scotland must be one of the few countries in the world with a motorway where you have to slow down to 40 mph to negotiate a bend.


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