Measles has been virtually wiped-out in the population of Scotland

The MMR immunisation rate in England has fallen for the fourth year in a row to only 87% with in some areas only 67% vaccinated. There have been 230 cases of measles in just the first three months of 2019.,by%20the%20World%20Health%20Organization.,linked%20to%20travel%20in%20Europe.

In Scotland the rate is 97% and has been so for 10 years. There have been 10 cases in Scotland, reported so far in 2019. All have been ‘imported’ from England or beyond.

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‘Before vaccination, measles was a very common childhood disease in Scotland and deaths attributable to measles were substantial.’,case%20of%20measles%20were%20reported.

Scotland is now at risk from County Lines drug gangs, listeria, fracking, FGM and now a deadly measles epidemic. Professor John Robertson, a satisfied regular at NHS Ayrshire facilities, has called for border screening to stop the spread of the deadly measles virus.