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As we read today of Police Scotland introducing new roadside drug testing, I’m reminded that we, but not Reporting Scotland Down, have reported, here, many times, of their wider successes, often by contrast with other forces in the UK and beyond. Here are a few of them:

Scotland DOES NOT have the highest level of distracted drivers in the UK! Police Scotland JUST MORE ACTIVE says leading expert on statistics propaganda

Westminster Conservatives FAIL as Police in Scotland more than NINE times as effective in solving violent crimes than in England

Will BBC praise Police Scotland as car theft falls in Scotland yet soars in other parts of UK?

SNP funds Police Scotland to increase detectives by 12% and solve 100% of murders!

More than 90% of members of all of Scotland’s ethnicities satisfied with Police Scotland performance

Police Scotland’s ‘infinitesimally low’ level of corruption/violence towards the public

MORE THAN 99.99% of Police Scotland call-outs handled properly! It’s not good enough says Tory MSP!

Scottish Labour’s ‘man’ in the BBC reveals only 0.06% of police vehicles break down in typical day

BBC Scotland with Tories INSERTS LIES about ‘systemic problems’ as Police and Fire reform leads to actual and major benefits

Police Scotland more than fifteen times better at clearing up robberies than English forces!

Police Scotland, world experts on violence reduction, are now to advise The Met after helping the NYPD and Canada Police. Scotland’s media ignore the story in favour of anything negative they can find.

First New York Police and now Canada’s police come to learn from Scotland’s successes in tackling violence

Scottish News Media Conceal Global Status of Police Scotland’s Methods

Good news about Police Scotland and by association the Scottish Government; why might that be low on the BBC/STV agenda?