Ludo Thierry

The beeb ‘Fact Check’ team manage (inadvertently) to scupper yet another of Better Together’s Project Fear inaccuracies from IndyRef 1. Remember all that toss about Scots nationals and rUK nationals not being treated (reciprocally) in each others’ hospitals and Health Services? – Beeb now confirm arrangements made pre-Brexit with Ireland exactly mirror the arrangements explained within the Scot.Gov Indy White Paper (and universally derided by the ‘british’ media/political class at the time).

We all knew it was so – but there’s a certain grim satisfaction in seeing beeb’s State-Propagandist-In-Chief role forcing it to declare that what it identified as impossible in 2014 has, miraculously, become a done deal in 2019. Mind you – if beeb make a habit of allowing truths to, accidently, slip out in this way I can’t see them retaining their Royal Charter long-term. Link and snippets below:

Brexit: Will Britons living in the EU still get healthcare?
By Reality Check team BBC News

The relationship between the UK and Ireland is different to the relationship between the UK and anywhere else in the EU because of the Common Travel Area (CTA).

The UK and Irish governments are both committed to maintaining the CTA if there is a no-deal Brexit. It allows access to emergency, routine and planned healthcare for UK nationals in Ireland and Irish Nationals in the UK.

UK nationals may still have to pay to access public healthcare in Ireland on the same basis that Irish citizens do.

The UK government says British citizens living in Ireland will continue to be able to access healthcare on the same basis as Irish citizens after Brexit, regardless of whether there is a deal.

The Irish government says that existing cross-border arrangements under which Irish nationals may be sent to Northern Ireland for treatment and vice versa will also continue.