First Minister praised for stance on Syria

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The First Minister made one of her first forays into foreign affairs yesterday, risking ‘day job’ jibes from Jackson, to condemn the Trump for his heartless betrayal of the Kurds.

TuS War Correspondent, Johnny (Jock) Robertson (Honorary Lance-Corporal, Bombay Irish Irregulars), said: She speaks for me…this time. ’The Kurds have been courageous in their fight against ISIS. ‘

Perhaps Nicola was inspired by the role played by women on the frontline against ISIS?

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Kurdish YPG fighter

I like to think Nicola has also been inspired by her old boss and mentor, Alex Salmond, watching him stand up to the likes of Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell at the time of the Iraq War:

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Some believe that Salmond’s opposition to British imperialism lies behind the current hatchet job being inflicted on him by top UK civil servants in the Scottish Government.

I also like to think that had we a Scottish First Minister back in the 60s and 70s, they would have spoken out against those earlier US leaders and their war crimes. Hilary Clinton’s psychopathic mentality was revealed during the attacks on Libya when having watched President Gaddafi murdered by buggery, she laughed and said: ‘We came, we saw, he died.’ OMG there goes another glass ceiling?

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I’ve just watched a guy buggered to death!

Surely this monster could have inspired no woman? Perhaps even more monstrous, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, was responsible for many deaths in Cambodia, East Timor, Chile, Jamaica, Greece, Argentina and Nicaragua.

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Try these on war criminal!
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The great song satirist Tom Lehrer – look him up!

Henry has a new book out. Do you think we should buy it? Somebody recommended it to us. Who was it now?

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