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Contrary (again) to many headlines like the one above, assaults on Scottish police officers actually fell slightly in the last year and remain much lower than in England & Wales.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information request, from someone perhaps hoping for a different story, Police Scotland figures show 1 685 assaults in 2018/19 down from 1 711 in 2017/18.

https://www.sc  otland.police.uk/assets/pdf/434027/526774/526830/19-2150-response?view=Standard

As for the apparently high number of attacks in Quarter 1 (April 1 to June 30) of 2019/20, 562, it is not possible to say with confidence that the figures for the whole year will be higher as the violent crime rate tends to increase in the summer:

Click to access spcvt.pdf

In 2018/19 there were 30 977 assaults in England and Wales up 17.8% from 26 295 in the previous year.

Click to access hosb1119-assaults.pdf

All things being the same, with 11 times the population, the rate in England and Wales should be around 11 times that of Scotland but it’s more than 18 times higher and thus nearly twice as high per head of population.