Assaults on Police Officers in Scotland FALL to half that of England & Wales

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Contrary (again) to many headlines like the one above, assaults on Scottish police officers actually fell slightly in the last year and remain much lower than in England & Wales.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information request, from someone perhaps hoping for a different story, Police Scotland figures show 1 685 assaults in 2018/19 down from 1 711 in 2017/18.

As for the apparently high number of attacks in Quarter 1 (April 1 to June 30) of 2019/20, 562, it is not possible to say with confidence that the figures for the whole year will be higher as the violent crime rate tends to increase in the summer:

Click to access spcvt.pdf

In 2018/19 there were 30 977 assaults in England and Wales up 17.8% from 26 295 in the previous year.

Click to access hosb1119-assaults.pdf

All things being the same, with 11 times the population, the rate in England and Wales should be around 11 times that of Scotland but it’s more than 18 times higher and thus nearly twice as high per head of population.

3 thoughts on “Assaults on Police Officers in Scotland FALL to half that of England & Wales

  1. I don’t, even for a moment, believe that there’s any truth in the rumour that the most welcome annual reduction in recorded assaults on Police Officers in Scotland bears a direct correlation to the increased amount of time The Baron ‘Fatty’ ffoulkes is spending in London troughing at tax-payers’ expense in the HoL.
    For those too young to remember – link and snippets below:
    (For those with an anthropological bent – it would appear the ffoulkes sub-set make something of a speciality of anti-social behavior resulting in Police time and resources being spaffed up the wall. Given ‘Fatty’s’ subsequent ennoblement one wonders whether the ffoulkes Jnr referred to is now, officially, The Hon ffoulkes Jnr?) :'S+SON+IS+SOCCER+HOOLIGAN%3B+Yob+claimed+minister+dad+would+'trouble‘…-a064963554

    THE son of Foreign Office minister George Foulkes has been convicted of being a football hooligan, the Sunday Mail can reveal.

    Hearts supporter Alex Foulkes, 25, almost triggered a riot when he hurled sectarian abuse at Celtic fans during a match at Parkhead.

    The arrogant lout, who tutted his way through a court appearance, told officers who arrested him: “You will be in trouble – my father is an MP and my mother is on the police board.”

    Foulkes, a former official of the Scottish Executive’s rural affairs department, was fined £450 at Glasgow Sheriff Court. He initially denied shouting, swearing and taunting rival fans with sectarian abuse. But he changed his plea after his younger brother Dominic, who was at the game with him, testified that he had swore at the Celtic support.

    Police on duty at the game last August described how they watched Foulkes flicking V-signs and screaming vile insults at the home fans.

    He ignored several warnings about his behaviour and was eventually arrested after police feared an angry reaction from the Celtic fans. Sheriff Samuel Cathcart heard that when Foulkes was taken to the detention area at Parkhead he threatened officers that they could be “in trouble” because his mother was on the Strathclyde Police Board and his father was an MP.

    Last night, dad George, Labour MP for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley, said: “I have no comment to make, and neither does my son….You decide what you want to print, I have nothing to say.”

    Foulkes’ embarrassed mum Elizabeth, Provost of South Ayrshire Council but never a member of the Police Board, also made no comment about her son’s disgrace.

    At one stage, he refused to stand up for Sheriff Charles MacFarlane QC, who was outraged at his arrogant behaviour.

    The Clerk of Court was forced to remind Foulkes that failing to show respect could end up with him facing a contempt charge. The politician’s son then huffed and puffed and swore under his breath, before turning to reporters and declaring: “Is this how justice in this country works?”

    After last week’s hearing, a court insider said: “We get nicer drug addicts, thieves and neds in here. The man had the manners of an arrogant toddler.”

    Foulkes is believed to work for a hi-tech internet company.

    He took up the post after leaving his previous position as a junior official in the rural affairs department of the Scottish Executive last year.

    He was suspended after using the Scottish Government e-mail system to invite people to an event organised by a Labour youth organisation.

    Foulkes later worked briefly as a Scottish Labour Party activist, campaigning for senior Scottish MPs such as government whip Anne McGuire.

    His conviction is the latest in a long line of incidents involving the Foulkes family. In 1993 his dad George resigned from his post as opposition junior defence spokesman after he was fined for a drunken assault on a policeman.

    Foulkes had just left a party hosted by the Scotch Whisky Association, and ended up trying to whack a police officer shortly after inviting two women to dance in the street.

    The MP was hit with a £1550 fine after he admitted assault and being drunk and disorderly.

    But minutes after leaving court in London, Foulkes, also an avid Hearts supporter, was on a plane with Alex, jetting off to watch the club play a cup-tie in Spain.


  2. Hi John – I’ll email a doc with the links and snippets that I have located (seems to be a single source only showing for the (alleged) court case involving Foulkes Jnr – which is rather curious – but it does cite an author and newspaper and date – see what you reckon) – Thanks, Ludo

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