Scotland’s pumped storage hydro capacity ready for export to rump UK

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Alexander Burnett (SCAUP) kindly asked the Scottish Government on Monday ‘whether it continues to support the expansion of pumped storage hydro capacity at Cruachan as part of its Energy Strategy commitment to promote storage and flexibility.’

This allowed the following to be shared:

  • The Scottish Government believes strongly in the strategic, system and economic value of pumped storage hydro capacity. Scotland already has around 30 GWh of pumped storage hydro capability, with more in the pipeline.
  • Alongside the proposed expansion of Cruachan, we have recently consented Glenmuchlock, in Buccleuch Estate, and Coire Glas, near Fort William.
  • We believe that investment in new and expanded pumped storage hydro in Scotland will greatly enhance the flexibility and resilience of our electricity network and power supplies.
  • Pumped storage hydro also plays a crucial role in the security and operability of our electricity system. Its flexibility can help balance the variability of renewable output, where needed.
  • We have repeatedly called, and will continue to do so, for the UK Government to exercise its powers to ensure a viable route to market that will provide sufficient revenue certainty to underpin the investment case for developers of pumped storage hydro projects. We believe this would be of great benefit to GB energy consumers, by ensuring the resilience of electricity supplies, as well as complementing growth in renewable energy generation.

Readers will know that Scotland is already a major contributor to energy supplies in the future rump UK:

83% Increase in Electricity Transfers FROM Scotland TO England & Wales missed by our NoMedia

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