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From University College London’s bit of a mouthful, ‘Structurally unsound Exploring Inequalities: Igniting research to better inform UK policy’ published yesterday:

The importance of family background in perpetuating inequalities and constraining opportunity can also be evidenced in the UK labour market. Individuals in England whose parents worked in professional jobs are 80 per cent more likely to get into a professional job than their less privileged peers, with figures dipping slightly (sic) to 70 per cent in Scotland.

Furthermore, evidence concerning which policies are effective in tackling educational inequalities is often only available many years after implementation, due to the need to track attainment and outcomes over the course of a pupil’s education and life. In this regard, improvements often take a long time to become visible. For example, the effectiveness of the Scottish Government’s introduction of Scottish National Standardised Assessments in 2017 to help measure the attainment gap in schools is only now beginning to be analysed.

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Hmmm, I’m not so sure about that second one. See:

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