BBC Scotland Complaint: Exploitative and tasteless imagery with an agenda

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I’ve complained today about the choice of image, bottom left, made by BBC Scotland to illustrate vacancies in NHS Scotland. The contrast with the only other reports I could find on the story, BBC UK, the Herald and the Guardian, is stark. The complaint using urls, as images cannot be submitted, is below. I’ll let you know how they respond.

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They have previous in this kind of approach:

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They have an agenda but then you know all about that.

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5 thoughts on “BBC Scotland Complaint: Exploitative and tasteless imagery with an agenda

  1. Thank you John , keep slogging away , and it is endless , they are just so so biased . I thought North Korea had problems telling the truth, they are nothing compared to BBC Scotland .

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  2. Meanwhile in that ACTUAL Scotland (which beeb Scotland seem incapable of even organising a day-trip to go and visit) REAL things are happening in Scotland’s REAL Health and REAL Education Services. Link and snippet from today’s below:

    The First Minister has opened a £14.7 million health facility providing additional services in Aberdeenshire, including a dental surgery and a community maternity unit.

    The Inverurie Health and Care Hub will accommodate an estimated 30,000 patients in its 38 consulting rooms within five years, doubling that of the previous GP practice.

    The First Minister also viewed construction progress at the £55 million Inverurie Community Campus, which is part of new school construction projects worth £156 million underway across the north of Scotland.

    Speaking after touring the health and school facilities in Inverurie, Ms Sturgeon said:
    “This new health facility in Inverurie is an excellent example of integrated health and social care, providing people with services located in a single setting, at the heart of the community”.

    Background: Since completing the Inverurie Health and Care Hub, hub North Scotland has started constructing new community hospitals in Aviemore and on Skye, a £40 million package for NHS Highland.

    The Inverurie Community Campus is funded as part of the £1.8 billion Scotland’s Schools for the Future Programme. Aberdeenshire will also benefit from the recently announced Peterhead Community Campus, part of the £1 billion Learning Estate Investment Programme.


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