Is Reporting Scotland Down exploiting a turf war between psychiatry and psychology to scare the vulnerable?

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But I guess the bottom line is that the answer is ‘yes’ without the kind of mental health prevention, protection and treatment that we all need in our lives, ‘yes people will be put at risk.’

The Royal College of a Psychiatrists say that the 10% vacancy rate is putting patients at risk. No hard evidence is offered but Reporting Scotland Down don’t need that kind of thing nor do they need any contextual information. It’s not as if they have editorial guidelines, a royal charter or describe themselves as a public service provider, is it?

They just wheeled Dr Morris out again and she said just what they wanted.

Neither Dr Morris nor RSD mentioned the fact that psychology waiting times continue to be met for 78% of patients, 88% of elderly patients, despite soaring demand:

They didn’t tell us that staffing across all three professional groups in Psychology Services continues to climb steadily, 40% under the SNP, to meet the ever-increasing demand. Now psychiatrists cost far more than psychologists or mental health nurses. Is the Royal College of Psychiatrists merely fighting a turf war against other groups threatening their status, power, special pay and conditions?

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In June 2018, Dr Morris was pulled out and I think duped by the RSD ambulance chasers. Six times in the morning, once at 1.30pm, once at 6.30pm and again at 10.30pm we heard from ‘top psychiatrist’, Dr Jane Morris:

‘I feel very guilty. I feel we should be able to offer our patients the best that is available. And very often it’s just an accident of the clinicians you have and the training they bring with them.’

The quote was linked only loosely to BBC Scotland’s own ‘research’ into how long under-19s with an eating disorder waited between referral and treatment. Unable to get a response from many health boards, BBC Scotland were happy to have Dr Morris conclude that the service was patchy and to make some fairly limited comparisons with England:

‘In England there is a four-week target for teenagers with eating disorders, although it is not always met.’ (Special euphemism award?)

Though the Scottish government said teenagers with eating disorders were being seen within its 18-week target (unlike NHS England), this did not seem to satisfy Morris nor the BBC.

As for the comparison with England, I won’t waste my time on this but, as you might expect, all is not well there. See

Eating disorder sufferers waiting six months for treatment after seeing GP

‘New figures show UK eating disorders are at a crisis point’

Children with eating disorders waiting months for help, first official figures show

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5 thoughts on “Is Reporting Scotland Down exploiting a turf war between psychiatry and psychology to scare the vulnerable?

  1. Instead of making bad puns about trees (:-), you’re doing what you do best, and better than most – forensic and very relevant analysis. I often think that perhaps when the time is right, you should assemble all these posts into one volume, and make it available, like Wings’ “Wee Blue book”. Would be an excellent source of vital facts, and a full of MSMBad examples.

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  2. John recently you voiced your thoughts on how the SNP management should approach and deal with this Westminster Rogue Government , Question has anyone from the SNP approached you to assist them or clarify your thoughts or is this a closed subject ,it appears they are locked into some mindset and they can’t break out of it , their inaction is doing more damage than the unionist press in my opinion , just read the various comments on many independence supporting websites . By all means save England from themselves but Independence seems to have taken a back seat .


    1. Thanks. I share your concerns. No approach from SNP. I think you are correct that they are locked into a mindset. It seems to be based on trying to appear mature and responsible to win the voters. Fighting back, they fear, is a vote loser.


  3. Meanwhile beeb Scotland routinely ignore/downplay the genuine threat that no deal/rotten deal/all deals bar Norway-style arrangements pose to Scotland’s public services (NHS Scotland and Health+Care Partnerships in the vanguard) and to Scotland’s economy. Fortunately the SNP Scottish Govt are taking every opportunity to push hard on the in-migration issue and will continue to do so in the face of Westminster intransigence. Link and snippets below): (I heard on beeb Scotland this morning that senior figures at Whitehall have been flagging up concerns regarding the UK Govt reluctance to recognise the public demos in favour of Indyref and – more tellingly – the shifting polling evidence becoming available from Scotland. When the Man From The Ministry is forced to take notice history shows us that Scotland can acquire further important powers towards our ultimate goal of Indy – Provided we stay focussed and disciplined – Everybody resident in Scotland Please Note – Over the next 25 years ALL Scotland’s population growth is projected to derive from MIGRATION).
    Migration Minister Ben Macpherson has called for the scrapping of a requirement that EU citizens live in the UK for five years before being eligible for settled status.

    Mr Macpherson has written to Home Office Minister Brandon Lewis arguing the move will better protect the rights of EU citizens.

    EU citizens who want to remain legally resident in the UK after Brexit have to apply through the UK Government’s EU Settlement Scheme.

    But those who have lived in the UK for less than five years are eligible only for pre-settled status, which does not give them or their children a guaranteed permanent right to remain.

    Home Office statistics show 37% of EU citizens applying to stay in the UK have been granted pre-settled status.

    Over the next 25 years all Scotland’s population growth is projected to come from migration because of falling birth rates and an ageing population.

    The independent Expert Advisory Group on Migration and Population warned UK Government immigration plans could reduce migration by up to 50 per cent in Scotland.


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