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It’s the same thing. There is a 10% vacancy rate for psychiatrists but the consequences for Scots are in the form of a crisis affecting children. In England they seem to be only a threat to improvement of the system.

The Scottish Government is difficult to attack directly so, subconsciously, editors are drawn to public service events which they can be implicated in.

It’s a long-running and wider practice:

The BBC proxy war on the SNP using NHS Scotland

May 22, 2019

PDF version of Powerpoint presentation I did for the fine activists of Yes East Ayrshire last night: The BBC Proxy war on the SNP If you want the file in some other format, email me at: thoughtcontrolscotland@gmail.com  

Scotsman under fire over dishonest reporting of four-doctor protest, against NHS England, but at Holyrood (?), in latest round weaponizing NHS in proxy war against SNP

April 26, 2018

Regular readers will have seen earlier reports here of the mainstream media’s proxy war on the SNP misusing the NHS as a weapon to do so. See: Poxy Unionist media unfairly attack NHS in proxy war against SNP Pressure…

Poxy Unionist media unfairly attack NHS in proxy war against SNP

April 21, 2018

As Willie Rennie is reported to be joining his own campaign to have the Health Secretary sacked and as the three Unionist party’s reform their unholy trinity with the Tories…

Proxy war on SNP: STV News makes fake news on Police Scotland by distorting overtime spend and officer numbers and by ignoring context

April 2, 2018

Attacks on NHS Scotland and Police Scotland are clearly part of a proxy war against the SNP being mounted on a regular basis by the opposition parties using their willing supporters in our mainstream media. This is merely the latest…

BBC gives you a quick early morning anxiety dose based on NOTHING about Police Scotland

May 23, 2019

‘SOME victims of a crime known as revenge porn say they’re being ignored, rejected and humiliated by Police Scotland, ‘A NUMBER of women have told the BBC they were not taken seriously by officers when making complaints.’ In Reporting Scotland’s…

Bias by extreme selection as BBC Scotland seriously distort your view on cancer care several times a day

May 1, 2019

 Earlier in the day, we heard the fact that ‘the vast majority of’ or ‘95%’ of cancer patients expressing positivity about their care, could be presented by Reporting Scotland, as merely ‘most.’ It was a clear attempt to continue a…

Once more Reporting Scotland’s hyena pack goes for the oldest ‘Wildebeest’, NHS Tayside

April 18, 2019

I haven’t put speech marks around the word ‘hyena’. This morning, Reporting Scotland, playing at being brave big game reporters fed greedily on the corpse of an internal NHS report fed to them by one of their moles in the…

Lib Dem triumphant as he finds increasing self-harm for Reporting Scotland

March 18, 2019

I suppose, if you keep digging for dirt, preferably blood stains or body parts, you will find something now and again. This is not Liam Kerr MSP Liam McArthur has found a juicy if smelly morsel in a Freedom…