If it was first-past-the-post – 59, 5, 5, 4!

Above, the recent Ipsos poll turned into Constituency seat predictions.

If Scotland had retained the first-past-the-post (FPTP) electoral system, fiercely defended by both Cons and Labour, for Westminster elections, the Scottish Parliament would have 59 SNP MSPS, 5 Labour, 5 Cons and 4 Lib Dems.

In Westminster, it’s currently 59 SNP MPs, 13 Cons, 4 Lib Dems and 1 Labour.

In most recent historical periods and in most parts of the world, that would be enough.


5 thoughts on “If it was first-past-the-post – 59, 5, 5, 4!

  1. Ah but … the renowned ‘human rights’ lawyer, Starmer says, ‘Yese kin go an fuck yersels. We’re takin aw the wind and tidal energy like we took yer oil an gas tae invest in ‘red wall’ seats and to keep out immigrants’

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  2. STV and D’Hond’t introduced with a mandate or concent by unionists to let 3rd unionists in to ruin the Scottish economy. Lesley Evans UK Civil Servant. Agent provocateur. To screw up Scottish Democracy. Waste £Billions of Scottish taxpayers monies. Defrauded by Westmibster. Westminster poor, bad, illegal decisions. None democratic and against the public wishes. Unionist sabotaging Scottish democracy and ruining the economy. They will be voted out.

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  3. STV and D’Hond’t introduced without a mandate or consent by unionists for political benefit to them, To favour unionism. A quota. FPTP votes go in the bin to let 3rd losers in. To try to destroy the economy. Not democratic or fair. Scotland outvoted 10 to 1 at Westminster. Total lack of Democracy.

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  4. I reckon that if Starmer’s Labour Party ( sic ) were to promise ( not ”pledge”- he doesn’t abide by these ) to bring in proportional representation in the Westminster elections , then he would have a much greater chance of winning an election .
    However , he is just another politician who wants the POWER given by the antiquated FPTP to do whatever he wants and not be constrained by the need to appease the rest of the voting public .
    A man not to be trusted – and I don’t !

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