25 000 patients forced to sleep alongside opposite sex only in England

The Glasgow Herald yesterday

A Scottish newspaper above, the UK Guardian below:

Thanks again to Dorothy for alerting me to this.

The Guardian makes it clear that this issue applies only to NHS England. I can find no evidence of such failures reported anywhere in Scotland. Perhaps many more beds per head of population averts this?

The Herald, the Glasgow Times and even the National have the story with no mention of the word ‘England’ despite some easy clues in the use of the word ‘Trust’ rather than ‘Board’.

8 thoughts on “25 000 patients forced to sleep alongside opposite sex only in England

  1. The Herald, Glasgow Times and the National often carry exactly the same stories since they are all part of the same company. Given the editorial politics of the Herald and, to an extent, that of the Glasgow Times, the failure to use the word ‘England’ will have been intentional, since health is a Labour attack line.

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  2. Where is the outcry from the likes of DRoss and his cronies for the Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP England’s HS to be sacked and will Stam/Sarwar call for him to go.
    Just imagine if this was in Scotland.

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  3. As regular followers of TUS know when damage limitation measures are required and it applies almost exclusively to England the MSM are very skilful at obscuring the facts by using ‘the UK or Britain’ as a cover or as in this case deliberately redacting bad news reports to just simply infer to their readers that it applies to Scotland as well. Utterly shameful stuff


  4. Depends does it not on how you define ‘ward’? Most people when they hear the word ‘ward’ probably think of the old style Nightingale wards with rows of beds lined up down either side and perhaps one or two side rooms off the main ward for the really I’ll patients. These wards were strictly segregated as Male or female.

    Nowadays a ‘ward’ may consist of several 4 bed units, with their own toilets/showers, again segregated on sex of patient and some single rooms each with en suite facilities. The QEUH ‘wards’ are all made up of single rooms as far as I am aware. Thus when the reports are of males & females in the same ‘ward’s it does not necessarily mean they are actually sharing the same space and toilet facilities.

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    1. Yes. I had to spend a night in QEUH and it was single person rooms. I also had to spend a night in Glasgow Royal infirmary in a room with 3 other patients, all women. My bed was screened from the other three.


  5. I’ve been visiting my husband in ninewells hospital just now. There were two women in the same acute care ward as he was in. Personally speaking there didn’t seem to be a problem.


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