Road injuries and deaths stabilise at lowest levels on record

BBC Scotland today is headlining: Deaths on Scotland’s roads highest since 2016.

This and other media reports fail to inform the public responsibly.

The facts:

The total casualty figures for 2022 are the third lowest since records began.

The number of fatalities increased by 33, from 141 in 2021 to 174 in 2022. This latest rise follows on from a long-term downward trend. Since 2000, the number of people killed decreased by 47%.

Car users had the highest number of casualties in 2022 (3,179), followed by pedestrians (904) and pedal cyclists (478).

Compared to last year, pedal cyclist casualties fell by 7%. However, pedestrian casualties increased by 17%, car casualties increased by 9% and motorcyclists by 2%


2 thoughts on “Road injuries and deaths stabilise at lowest levels on record

  1. Covid influence on statistics. No cars on the roads. Bound to go up a bit. Logistics and rational, but still be lower than before at previous peak time. Improved lower death toll and cuts in speeding. MUP lower alcohol in take.

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