Latest poll suggests recovering SNP will lose few seats as Labour stagnates

Much is being made of an earlier YouGov poll, still not available for scrutiny, suggesting major SNP Westminster losses.

It will be interesting to see how the above today, from IpsosScot, for 15-21 May 2023, is reacted to, if at all.

It comes as the latest in a trend suggestion SNP consolidation, perhaps recovery, and Labour stagnation with resulting, at best, minor gains for Labour in 2024:

Also, interesting regarding SNP resilience for the future:


9 thoughts on “Latest poll suggests recovering SNP will lose few seats as Labour stagnates

  1. We know which poll the gloating colonial mejah will Big Up.

    The Brit Nit politicians were almost wiped out in Scotland.
    Their editors, journos, pundits and propagandists still infest the airways and yellow pages with Brit Nat p!sh, lies and worse!


    1. Thats the problem Gavin…BBC….ITV/STV….Ch4 (to a lesser extent) SKY…and then we have the real Wacko’s…GB NEWS/TALK TV.


  2. Yes and the canine journalist now sides with those who say that a majority of seats in an election in Scotland is not enough for Scotland to get independence they must have both a majority of seats and a majority of votes , I suppose their next climb down will be to add that a majority of the population is required including those who do not vote.


  3. Polls trying to manipulate the vote. What do the bookie advise. Better regulated and better advice. Better research. The business depends upon it. Cambridge Analytica. Facebook etc. Misuse of data protection. Illegal gerrymandering. Hedge funds making £Billions. Influenced by illegal donations. Brexit. Indy Ref. Manipulation by the Polling companies. To make ill gotten £millions. Censored and fined many times but making more than any fines.

    People who support Independence need to go out and vote for Indy supporting Parties. A higher turnout. Take another person as well. March to the Polling Station.

    Lying, manipulating pollsters. The piper pays the tune. For personal gain. To try to influence the vote. That is why they get it wrong, especially on tight margins. They make money out of it. Public and private money paying pollsters and their mates, in unionists political parties. Black donations and unlawful contributions. Gerrymandering,


  4. They are not lying. This is what happens when people vote REGULARLY and find that the party does not or cannot deliver on what the populace supported them on. I’ve voted SNP for decades and the Sturgeon era has been demoralising. I do not know what is wrong with them but, over the piece, the SNP have been worse that the feeble fifty – and I know I will be attacked for this, but to continue to kid yourselves that this is a big conspiracy by the polling companies is self delusion. If you continue to deny the obvious then get ready for a repeat of the Labour wipe out but this time it will be the good old SNP. I don’t even like the SNP any more (don’t worry still vote for them), I used to feel warmth when I thought of them, they were our lifeboat to freedom but instead of a lifeboat it turned out they were the sea itself – a sea of pish. Sorry Professor Robertson for the language. Until you realise what is going on in the country we can’t sort it. Stop deluding yourselves, this is where we are. The SNP are no longer trusted and – like me – there is no warmth between the voter and the party any more. Sturgeon was a disaster for the movement – kid yourself all you like but she really killed the movement and halted the momentum. This is not a problem created by Youssef – this mess is ALL her.

    Professor Robertson you are an intelligent man, I’m just ordinary, but look at what she has done. Think back to your post when they rewrote the history of the SNP on the SNP website when AS was removed from it and the near success of the 2014 referendum was put down to the efforts of the the deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon spearheading it (I think spearheading was the exact word they used) and you posted a question ‘does she know about this?’

    I am not a troll. I am an ordinary person who wants independence for my country. I do not hate the English. I am just a member of the public that wants us to be free. Before you start the usual vitriol that my posts on various website receive, think! Think about the ordinary citizen – think about the NO voters, is what you say next going to invite them to change? Please, wake up. We are losing our chance due to a shit party. Forget about populist leaders or party allegiance and think about independence.


  5. He other (unionist) Parties are much worse. Try to support Independence supporting Parties to get Independence, A smart idea. Instead of criticising all the time. Do not cut off your nose to spite your face.

    March to the Polling Station to vote for Independence supporting Parties. Take another too. A higher turnout. Support for Independence and Independence supporting Parties increasing.

    Think about Independence Then vote for it and be free. Support increasing all the time.


  6. Misogynist des not help. Just hinders. The problem is Westmibster cheating and lying for nearly 100 years. Devolution brought change. Independence will be even better. It will happen. Vote out the opposition. A majority will vote for it. 2014 was too soon. Support is still increasing. People will vote out the Tories but still a majority will vote for Independence supporting Parties. They already do. Increasingly so. Especially among the young. The opposition dying off gradually. The Demographics. A discredited Poll will not change that. That is why the Polls are wrong, especially in tight margins. Unionists making money out of it unlawfully. Gerrymandering trying to influence the vote. They should be banned in the Purdah period. Malicious headlines,


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