Scotland to more than double the UK’s pumped storage hydro capacity!

From Scottish Renewables today:

The report on the economic impact of six pumped storage hydro projects currently in development in Scotland found that they will more than double the UK’s pumped storage hydro capacity to 7.7GW, creating almost 15,000 jobs and generating up to£5.8 billion for the UK economy by 2035.

The Economic Impact of Pumped Storage Hydro Report also found that these six projects, if constructed, will add 4.9GW to the UK’s existing capacity of 2.8GW and go over halfway towards achieving the 15GW of capacity that is expected to be needed by 2050.

As an established and proven technology, pumped storage hydro will play a crucial role in achieving our net-zero ambitions and delivering energy security for consumers. In addition, pumped storage hydro will improve the electricity network by reducing the curtailment of renewable energy and reducing the need for grid reinforcement.

Scottish Renewables, the voice of the renewable energy industry in Scotland, is calling on The UK Government to urgently deliver the measures it has promised to enable investment in large-scale, long duration energy storage so developers can deliver the existing pipeline of ‘shovel ready’ pumped storage hydro projects.


4 thoughts on “Scotland to more than double the UK’s pumped storage hydro capacity!

  1. Herr Jack, the local Gauleiter will veto it.

    Scottish Labour and the GMB Union heid yins in Scotland will DEMAND that it only go ahead if Scotland gives up the ‘nonsense’ of ‘separatism’, and votes Labour, LibDem or Tory.

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  2. Of course, as our colonial mejah will inform us, it isn’t Scottish at all.

    And Lord (delayed) Hi Jack wants NUCLEAR for Auld Scotia. And PRIVATISED water.
    Look out for Muscular Unionism and these two issues getting the Internal Market treatment.

    Next up——Lord Hi Jack, Chairman of the Scottish Nuclear Corp.
    And head honcho of Scottish Water Inc.

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    1. However, it will firstly need to be renamed “Great British Hydro” as it will then require the expertise of some Tory donors to fully maximise the benefit for themselves.

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  3. As we have discussed before , some of these have already been built and will soon be in production, our lochs are valuable not just for their drinking water but for hydro power too.


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