Scotland takes nearly twice as many refugees from Ukraine than UK does

According to Scottish Government data:

As of 16 May 2023, a total of 24,532 displaced people from Ukraine have arrived in the UK on a visa sponsored either by an individual Scottish sponsor or sponsored by the Scottish Government.

According to UK Government data:

Data is as of 15 May 2023 and comprised of arrivals via Ukraine Family Scheme: 51,300; arrivals via Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme: 122,900; total 174 200.–2

All things being equal the UK figure should be 12 times higher than 24 532, 303 493, but is only 174 200.

Pro rata, Scotland has taken approaching twice as many refugees from Ukraine than the other parts of the UK.


One thought on “Scotland takes nearly twice as many refugees from Ukraine than UK does

  1. Westmibster Gov should be taking peace. Honouring 2014 Agreements for neutrality on Russian border. Missiles illegally trained on Russia by Nato. NATO dominated by the US. More illegal war.

    Westminster should not be sending more redundant weaponry, especially from Scotland. UK/US Gov illegal wars causing death and havoc. Ruining the world economy. To line the pockets of corrupt, lying Gov cabels. Wasting taxpayers monies on eternal war. People in Ukraine collateral damage. Ukraine administration of corrupt Nazi sympathisers. Corrupt as hell. Refusing to honour Russian Borders for peace in the world. Wallace is another warmonger.linig their pockets. Killing people.


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