Only two people waiting too long for disability payments is not ‘significant’

In this headlining BBC Scotland report, all they have are quotes from two claimants for the new Scottish Adult Disability Payment and this:

The roll-out of the Scottish government’s new Adult Disability Payment has seen “significant delays”, according to welfare rights groups.

However, welfare rights campaigners, including Enable Scotland, said it was taking “far longer than it should” for decisions to be made on new applications – and longer than the waits previously seen for PIP.

There is no actual quote from any representative of any group saying ‘significant delays.’ There is not even an actual quote from a named representative of Enable Scotland actually using that phrase. There is no actual quote from anyone using ‘far longer than it should.’ Why not, one wonders?

We do see this:

Mr McAvoy [Enable] told BBC Scotland: “While we would prefer a good decision that takes a little bit of time over a bad decision quickly, we would argue that the waits we’re seeing at the minute aren’t really acceptable.”

So it’s not ‘groups’ it’s just one group, maybe.

What percentage of applicants is experiencing long delays? What is a long delay? Not answered in this report.

How many applicants are there altogether – 350 000. Two have come forward to someone at BBC Scotland?

Any actual news with reliable data on Social Security Scotland?


Over 90% have good experience of Social Security Scotland, a new report has said The ten Scottish social security benefits paid £108.9 million to people across the country in 2020/21, a new report has shown. The payments, outlined in the Social Security Scotland 2020/21 Annual Report, include support for eligible families with young children, carers, people who need help paying for a funeral, young people entering the workplace and families with disabled children to provide help to heat their homes.

In the public interest at all, BBC Scotland?


One thought on “Only two people waiting too long for disability payments is not ‘significant’

  1. Shirley-Anne Somerville was interviewed as part of the report on Reporting Scotland tonight. She did say that the average wait was 4 months with some waiting longer. She also said steps were being taken to reduce the wait time.


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