Scotland set to make fortune exporting power!

From A path out of the gas crisis in September 2022 and missed by everybody:

In the future, power generation will concentrate in the north of England and in Scotland, with the vast majority of onshore and offshore wind projects planned in Scotland. This provides a vast opportunity for employment and economic growth in regions that need it most.

However, it also puts a lot of strain on the north-south power grid, requiring accelerated investments in the transmission network. The UK’s electricity demand concentrates in the south, with London and the South East regions alone responsible for almost 30% of the country’s electricity consumption. This power will be supplied in large from Scottish wind farms.

10 thoughts on “Scotland set to make fortune exporting power!

  1. ‘Scotland set to make a fortune..’ – well somebody sure is! But Scotland and it’s residents?

    The article quoted presumably assumes the constitutional status quo: so green, affordable, secure energy from Scotland used to sustain the relative economic dominance of London and the SE?

    We know the playbook – we learned it during decades of oil & gas production in abundance – or at least we should have learned!

    Agency is now urgently needed otherwise it’s more of the same: Scotland’ future/ England’s choice!

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  2. The transmission to england is the West national grid that is pylon mounted, you see it at Gretna. The East grid connection follows the A1 road.
    Add in the Hunterston 2 GW, dc link to Angelsey.
    The new dc link being built is from Beauly to Hull, not landing in Scotland, is supposed to be another 2GW link, may be 4GW.

    London and the south have
    The Norwegian dc link.
    The Dutch dc link.
    The Belgian dc link.
    The 2 French dc links plus another in construction.
    The 2 Irish dc links but they are mostly used bi-directional.

    Some days with good winds we are transferring 5GW at present.
    That’s 5,000,000,000W, currently selling at £60,000,000 a day.

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  3. When can we expect the UK Gov to invest in upgrading the connector link from Orney to the mainland Grid? Orkneys produces far more green energy (wind and tidal) than it can use locally, but the current connector link hasn’t got the capacity to move the surplus energy to the manland, so it goes to waste. Orkney has been complaining about this for yonks but Westminster seems not to care.

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    1. When I looked at the ‘National Grid’ for the Uk some time back, only parts of England’s infrastructure was being upgraded and invested in. It was owned and operated by a US company, not now though. Not sure who owns or controls it now, but investment will still be concentrated in England without a doubt.
      Scotland is definitely England’s asset in energy, with little if any benefit to the people of Scotland and the English government have their sights firmly on using, utilising and taking Scotland’s resources for free, and with renewables unlike oil, they can’t claim it will ‘run out ‘. Nice to get your electricity etc from Scotland for free England eh, with much ridicule and demonising thrown in for good measure. That ok Scotland?

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  4. As observed above, the beneficiaries of this will not be Scots….

    “This provides a vast opportunity for employment and economic growth in regions that need it most” is more a recognition that lack of growth historically has been externally imposed on those “regions”, with “opportunity” implying that strategy is not about to change.

    I hadn’t realised the figures were quite so high as “London and the South East regions alone responsible for almost 30% of the country’s electricity consumption”
    – They have in reality run out of power and water through lack of forward planning.

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    1. The majority of the jobs will go to folks in England definitely. In 2014, I was down in Newcastle visiting family and bought a local newspaper. There was a big ad for an energy/oil industry fair in Newcastle for young folk wanting to get into the industry, where they’d be based in Aberdeen. Weird that because the oil was just a wee trickle then, the English government had been decommissioning viable oil platforms in the run up to the indy referendum, and the largest companies were laying workers off on full pay. The smallest companies went under, they couldn’t weather the man made storm.
      Dirty tricks, it’s what the British state is very good at indeed.

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  5. Scotland in surplus in fuel and energy, and nearer the source, pays more. Price in Scotland should be reduced. The energy companies want to reduce costs in Scotland. The Westminster Gov would not let them. A unfair ‘tax’ on the whole Scottish economy.

    Westminster flogging Nuclear. Dangerous, unnecessary and expensive. Decommissions costs £13Billion a year for ten years. More over a lifetime. UK Gov Accounts 2019/20. Published June 2022.

    Westmibster policy is subsidising Gas. It should be subsiding electricity. Produced from renewables. Making fuel and energy costs cheaper for the consumer. Scottish fuel and energy is being underfunded by Westminster. Grabbing the profits. To fund London S/E. Congestion. Unequal and unfair. Westmibster Gov mismanagement and bad policies of Scotland’s resources and revenues. Independence would give Scotland control of its resources and revenues.Instead of Westminster wasting them on surplus projects of no values, To line Westminster and the associates pockets with public monies. The reason unionist parties exist. With low membership. To rip off the public purse for them and their cronies. Independence supported need to vote. A higher turnout. To get rid of the opposition and campaign for Independence.


  6. Here’s the current status of the National Grid:
    There’s been a fair amount of privatisation in te UK under the Tories as well the purchase and disposal of US energy distribution companies. I’ll have a look later today at Companies House data to see who actually holds the controlling interest in shares


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