Everywhere in the UK is more ‘dangerous’

Above, the Record tries to help us feel less contented and more anxious than we need to with a survey of overall crime in Scotland’s towns and cities. Glasgow and Dundee come out worst.

Given that they only have data for all crime, the choice of the word ‘dangerous’ is at best misleading. Shoplifting and fraud tend not to make me too fearful.

There are however, better data but they make Scotland look good, so are not too useful for ‘our’ media.

In March 2023, the Complete University Guide published How safe is your city? Feeling safe and secure is crucial for enjoying university. See how safe university towns and cities are to help you finalise where to study.

The five Scottish university towns had between 0.5 crimes of violence against the person, with injury, per 1 000 (Stirling) to 1.5 per 1 000 (Glasgow).

For Belfast, the figure was 13.

In the 31 university towns in England & Wales, the lowest (Bath) was at 5.4 per 1 000 and the highest were Portsmouth and Southampton at 15.8.

On domestic burglary and robbery, the Scottish university towns were equally ‘dangerous.’


3 thoughts on “Everywhere in the UK is more ‘dangerous’

  1. This is an application of Lord Rothermere’s dictum to give people ‘their daily dose of fear’.

    There were three youths in London stabbed to death yesterday.

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  2. In Scotland 7500 males in prison. 200 females. Most of them should not be there. 50% are onthe spectrum without proper diagnosis and proper support. Pro rata there are 9000 males in prison the rest of the UK. Too many.

    There is a link between alcohol/drugs and crime. Most crime is committed under the influence of drink/drugs. The drinks in the wit’s oot.

    The UK has one of the highest prison population in Europe. Prison £40000 a year. Prevention is better than cure. Proper totally abstinence rehab facilities are more affective and cost less.

    There are now 200 knife murders in London S/E a year.Since austerity was introduced and all the support facilities were cut,

    Thatcher care in the community – Prison.

    Women who cohabit (the majority) do not have equal rights with other women (or men). They have to put in a claim (1/3) within a year. It costs £thousands in legal costs and can take years. There is no legal aid. Women and children have to stay in unsafe abusive places just to keep a roof over their head. Abused women in the rest of the UK can get legal aid, without losing their home. Legal aid has to be paid back in any case with any settlement. Rental agencies charge women 6 months up front rent and deposit. Even with good credit. Illegally.


  3. The biggest criminals are the non Dom tax evading Press owners peddling the nonsense.

    The UK the most unequal place in the world. Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud, The Westminster Gov corruption, increasing crime.Most of them should be detained. Tax and corruption fraud. Wasting public monies on grotesque projects of no value. Against the public wishes. They will be vote out.

    Every Independence supporter need to get out and vote. A higher turnout.


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