Only Tories and Starmerites threatening to leave after higher taxes?

In the Survation poll, Table 16 has the data for the claim above that a third of Scots were likely to agree with this statement:

How likely or unlikely, would an increase to income tax in Scotland make you consider relocating elsewhere in the UK?

Data table at:

I cannot find Table 16 listed. Perhaps a reader can help?

If we had access to the full data with a breakdown on voting, age, Yes/No position and household income, what might we find out about that third? None of them folk who would ever vote SNP/Green or Yes?

Also, what would a poll 5 years or so later tell us about the nature of their comments now? Blaw?


12 thoughts on “Only Tories and Starmerites threatening to leave after higher taxes?

  1. There would be no higher taxes in Scotland, if did not waste Scotlands revenues and resources. On Westminster’s waste of monies. Trident, redundant weaponry. Illegal wars. Now in Ukraine etc. Hickley Point and HS2 etc a total waste of taxpayers monies. Brexit wasting £Billions.UE membership for Scotland cost nothing and brought in many benefits. Nearest, biggest market 400million. Cap payments. Investment grants and investment in much needed projects. Wind, wave and solar projects. Keeping renewable prices down. Scotland in surplus in fuel and energy pays more. Westminster Gov policy. £Billions lost in tax evasion. Westminster Gov tax Laws not enforce. Westmibster makes the Law than breaks the Law with impunity. Brexit chaos and mess. Scotland pays back repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland
    Scotland cannot borrow to invest. In the economy. Improvements would boast the economy and pay for themselves.

    People in Scotland benefit for SNP Gov policies. Low unemployment. Education, healthcare funding. A better benefits system. More caring and kind. Child payments to alleviate poverty. More beneficial all round. Better healthcare, social care system. Personal payments so people can stay in their own home for longer. Less bureaucracy and form filling for those on long term sick conditions. Extended nursery care. A good education system and healthcare system saving monies. MUP saving lives and monies. The list is endless. Low unemployment. A healthier better educated society that cares. A more equal prosoerous place. A better distribution of wealth more equal and fair leads to a more cohesive society. A happier more equal and prosoerous society that cares about others. Independence would be even better. Devolution has been a success. Independence would be even better. Scotland more beneficial decisions being made in Scotland,,with majority approval.

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  2. Scotland could be like Norway and raise £80Billion, without Westminster colossal mismanagement and interference. Westmibster taking Scotland resources and revenues and totally mismanaging the Scottish economy. More people need to vote them out. A higher turnout,

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  3. Agreeing with a statement and actually packing up your wordly goods are two wildly separate questions. Answering a hypothetical question and looking for employment, housing, schools, medical treatment etc. in a different country is a very daunting experience. Not for the fainthearted.

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    1. At the risk of being labelled racist it would be interesting to know how many of those polled would not simply be relocating but returning to where they came from.
      As has been said, taking the drastic step of uprooting and relocating would be much harder than returning to a country which you have moved from in the first place.


      1. Depends on their reasons for coming here in the first place, many who came for financial reasons will still see the many other benefits

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        1. The ‘many other benefits’, when faced with a closed question on tax hikes won’t enter the equation.
          If a poll is asking hypothetical questions without offering scope for qualification, ie closed hypothetical then it is likely that the response recorded will not be terribly relevant, but produces sufficient scope for anti independence rhetoric.

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    2. What about the many who have migrated here from England? There are numerous reasons to come here which don’t need spelling out but how many would then leave based on the narrow question asked. Dashed few, I’d bet.

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    3. Exactly so. I moved my family of six here from Australia in 2004 – not really an experience I would willingly repeat. Housing was the main problem – it was five years and five landlords before we found somewhere suitable to buy.

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  4. It’s a politically motivated question as only an increase in tax is being queried, as in SG taxation policy.
    It is much as Douglas Fraser is wont to float, that due to differences in tax, there will be an exodus of those higher paid selling up and moving south, a total nonsense.

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