8% of the population, 42% of the wind energy electricity production

The BBC and other news outlets are making much of this headline:

Wind is main source of UK electricity for first time

None of the reports is offering any breakdown such as that above from the Scottish Government on April 26 which was, of course, not reported by MSM and thus missed by me.

It’s been a while since the last 8% meme, so here’s a reminder (some needing updating I know):

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5 thoughts on “8% of the population, 42% of the wind energy electricity production

  1. Watched some news programme that was reporting on how successful the uk’s renewable energy programme was. We have to escape before they ruin this for us too.

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  2. Colonialist Starmer has plans for Scottish Renewables – they will be BRITISH renewables in the way Scotland’s oil and gas became BRITISH oil and gas and the revenues, under Labour and, when Thatcher gained control, the revenues were used to destroy much of industry in the UK and to weaken the unions. Blair and Brown simply continued this.

    And who are amongst Starmers advisers? Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Brian Wilson, etc.

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  3. “The geological goldmine under our seas”
    This in the P@J by Andrew Bowie the hypocrisy of these people knows no bounds 20 to 30 years still left to screw the Scottish people.
    Maybe someone could copy as I don’t subscribe.

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  4. The con with oil and gas was to create a new “administrative territory” in the UK state which contained all of these assets,whose name escapes me,in order to hide the size of the windfall from rebellious Scots.
    They now have the “national” grid to allow them to syphon off vast quantities of Scottish electricity for consumption in England.
    This will also be kept quiet by the Anglo press.

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