Mark Smith knows little of SNP history

It’s been some time since we’ve all had a wee laugh at one of Mark Smith’s ‘features.’

Who can forget these?

Read them again at:

Back to today. SNP rebrands are bound to fail?

Like the one beginning with Alex Salmond’s leadership from 1990, the marching left of the SNP troops to outflank a rightist Labour Party, his courageous opposition to the Iraq War in 2003 and calling for Blair to be tried as a war criminal?

That rebranding?

The one that took the SNP from nowhere to complete dominance in Holyrood and in Westminster?

So, once more, as Labour drift right, Humza outflanking them on the left where we know the majority of voters are, won’t work again?

Take another look Mark.

Let’s see.

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9 thoughts on “Mark Smith knows little of SNP history

  1. Ach don’t be so hard on Mark – He was handed a list from an AJ-minion of three key-phrases to incorporate in a 500 words or less – ‘rebrand’, ‘super-progressive and lefty’, and ‘can see the polls’ – He did it.
    Yet despite Mark’s illustrious career in redefining claptrap again and again, this falls firmly into “nudging perceptions” territory, so the WM Spin monkeys are quite clearly at it again –
    – The “rebrand” implies fakery a la “Brutish Leyland” with a self-adhesive plastic union flag hiding the rust, the “super-progressive and lefty” avoids mention of Jeremy Corbyn yet hints at it, and “can see the polls” skirts dangerously close to the Scots word Polis but implies public support is not on the SNP’s side despite all evidence to the contrary.

    The Mickey Spin factory are getting desperate – Scots haven’t taken to propaganda from any, hence the Herod, the Hootsman, and of course HMS James Cook (nee Sarah Smith) being so extensively distrusted for “impartial journalism”.

    Never interrupt the enemy.. etc..

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  2. Just another “House Brit” from our colonial media.
    Mr Smith outed himself as a Labour supporter some time ago, yet made no mention of Shir Keir Starmer boasting how he had “ruthlessly sacked” Richard Leonard, the elected Scottish branch Boss.

    “Scottish” Labour reminds me of the old Cream song-Politician.

    “I support the left,
    But I’m leaning, leaning to the right.
    I vote for the left,
    But I’m leaning to the right
    But I’m just not there
    when it comes to a fight”.

    “Hey now baby, get into my big black car………………………………”!


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