As Yousaf leads Scotland’s progressive movement away from a reactionary England, their ‘left’ can only grudge it and snipe from the wings (right)

Once more we don’t see just who has written this? Is it their editorial view or just an opinion?

Once more the Guardian’s underlying conservatism is revealed. Some may remember their editorials supporting Blair and the attack on Iraq in 2003 and the Union against Scottish independence in 2014.

Despite often presenting themselves as a voice for internationalism and left-of-centre economic policies, the arrival of a politician actually committed to doing something progressive – Corbyn – sent them into a panic and they played a major part in destroying him.

Today, despite the evidence, they join the campaign to undermine the new Scottish First Minister with suggestions of failure to do enough and to do it quickly enough. We saw the same in the recent, grudging, BBC Scotland report claiming that the Child Payment, unique still in the UK, could have been implemented earlier.

Let’s consider just some of the facts.

Scotland is way ahead on fighting poverty via better benefits for families with children and for the disabled.

Scotland has long-maintained a range of universal benefits such as free prescriptions, uniquely in the UK.

Scotland has long been building more affordable housing.

Scotland has the most progressive taxation in the UK resulting in significantly better incomes for the poorest.

The new First Minister has promised further progressive taxation to fund public services.

Humza Yousaf was the only one of the three candidates to commit to actual left-of-centre policies. At least one of the others had a disturbing sense of Blair/Brown economics about them.

Truly independent commentators such as the Joseph Rowntree and Nuffield foundations have not been afraid to tell the truth.

The Guardian has some of the best journalism in the UK, but at its heart, it is Blairite/Starmerite and Unionist.


11 thoughts on “As Yousaf leads Scotland’s progressive movement away from a reactionary England, their ‘left’ can only grudge it and snipe from the wings (right)

  1. I am not so sure it is unionist in the usual understanding of the word. I think it is English colonialist. To almost all its writers England and UK are synonyms and the Celts are, indeed, a fringe to be civilised by being colonised by the English – but the right sort of English – privately educated, metrocentric, self proclaimedly ‘progressive’, but only ‘progreesive’ as they define it.

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  2. Just goes to show that even a so called left of centre media outlet in England is in reality part of the English establishment.
    The English establishment is petrified about Scottish independence because of the effect it will have on England.
    As usual,it is all about them.

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  3. It is always interesting to note that when the Guardian writes an editorial piece such as this one it is rarely if ever open for comments perhaps because they know their generalisations and lack of supporting evidence would be torn to shreds by those who comment.

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  4. No surprise at this attitude !
    They believe Starmer is a Labour man who will bring about a sea-change at Westminster after years of Tory sleaze and incompetence .

    Anyone with a modicum of political nous know that Starmer is a surrogate Tory who will do the square root of F*ck All to change the UK for the better .
    Same Old Same Old ,as the yanks say !

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  5. I agree with all the above comments as I don’t read that paper John you could keep us updated if your letter saw the light of day.

    O/T did you notice that Robertson and Maxwell were insinuating that the Maritime and Coastguard Agency were put under pressure to issue the certificate of sea worthy.

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