Welsh Labour Government NOT accused of failing thousands of patients

From BBC wales today:

Wales does not have a functioning NHS and people do not have faith in it, claims the head of a doctors’ union.

Dr Iona Collins, of the British Medical Association in Wales, said people suffering with chest pain “don’t even know” if an ambulance will come.

On the different figures for the longer waiting lists, he added: “It’s probably true that the health services in England and Scotland have put a particularly aggressive emphasis on cutting off the longer waiters first, and had some success in doing that.

However, when you compare Wales to Scotland and England, the absolute amount of time that people are waiting is still considerably longer, particularly at the longest end.


Pretty dramatic huh! The opposition parties, Conservatives, PC, Lib Dems, will have much to say about the Labour Government’s betrayal of the Welsh people? No? Nothing? Not a word.

In BBC Scotlandland though:

Scottish Labour’s health spokesperson Jackie Baillie said Dr Kennedy had highlighted the view of many frontline medics that the NHS is in crisis.

She said: “For 15 years this SNP government has failed to tackle the staffing crisis at the heart of our NHS, all the while the working conditions and welfare of frontline workers has declined.

“We now face a humanitarian crisis in our NHS with lives being lost as a result.

“Humza Yousaf cannot keep deflecting responsibility for the SNP’s failure, whilst hopelessly promising change in five years’ time as a crisis of deadly magnitude unfolds on his watch. We need urgent action now before winter sets in.”

The Scottish Conservatives’ health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane said Dr Kennedy’s “devastating” comments” paint a terrifying picture of the reality facing our NHS”.

He added: “Humza Yousaf’s inaction and flimsy recovery plans have pushed our health service well beyond breaking point and it is staff and suffering patients who are paying the price.

“Our NHS is on life support and the health secretary is conspicuous by his absence. It is time for him to get a grip, heed these stark warnings from Dr Kennedy and urgently give the health service the support it needs.”


or this:

But opposition parties have demanded further action, with the Scottish Conservatives saying without changes the increased pressure winter will place on A&E departments “doesn’t bear thinking about”.

Health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane said the latest figures were “further evidence of the scale of the crisis in Scotland’s A&E wards that Humza Yousaf is presiding over”.

Dr Gulhane added it was “unacceptable” that more than one third of people were having to wait over four hours to be seen and added “we know that excess delays lead to needless deaths”.

Scottish Labour health spokesperson Jackie Baillie said the SNP “cannot be allowed to normalise this crisis and expect staff and patients to accept failure”.

She also called for urgent improvements “to stave off disaster this winter”.

Ms Baillie added: “Make no mistake – failure to address this crisis is costing lives.”

And Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said an inquiry was now needed into “avoidable deaths linked to the crisis in emergency care”.

He added: “We cannot allow this scale of waits in our A&E departments to simply become the new normal, as our health secretary seems content to allow,” he added.

“Ministers have sat on their hands long enough while the NHS suffers.”


Nothing more clearly and objectively demonstrates the politicising of public health to undermine the SNP than this contrast between BBC Scotland and BBC Wales.

Footnote: Where is Gulhane?


7 thoughts on “Welsh Labour Government NOT accused of failing thousands of patients

  1. How can the Unionist party MPs and MSPs make these assertions, knowing things are so much worse in England and Wales, and, in the case of the Tories knowing that thir govebment policies are responsible.
    ‘Doesn’t bear thinking about’ !? Obviously this dont think or they would know they are responsible for the mess.

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    1. ‘How can the Unionist party MPs and MSPs make these assertions..’

      Not only do they assert and do so without without compunction, but crucially their assertions are amplified and aggregated, largely unchallenged, by a compliant corporate media and BBC. Moreover, certain topic-specific assertions are recycled and – importantly if to to have a chance of impacting public consciousness – repeated endlessly. The NHS is a favourite topic but by no means the only one.

      Unionist politicians and their media enablers all belong, however loosely, to a powerful ‘movement’ with a clear mission. It’s one that they ALL can buy into, namely preserving the Union. This ‘movement’ has worked out that undermining the electoral appeal of the SNP is the prime route to achieving their shared objective. Present circumstances – however created or contrived – and timing with respect to next electoral tests must be viewed as a dream come true – a huge opportunity for a big push towards their shared goal.

      Meanwhile, facing this alignment of embedded Unionist power and influence, sections of the ‘Yes movement’ bicker. And in some cases prominent individuals on social media seem motivated to destroy the SNP. Strange alignments have arisen.

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  2. Aye the three wise monkeys of the puckered lips almost always feature in HMS James Cook reports, Disaster Gulhane, Tsunami Baillie and the Tailor’s Dummy.
    Neer a good word to say of Scotland’s NHS because “it’s just politics”.


  3. Published three days ago in the BBC News website’s Wales section, there was this headline: ‘NHS Wales waiting times: Ambulance response second worst ever’.

    On A&E waiting times we learn that: ‘When we look at major emergency units only, Wales has performed better than A&E units in England for seven months in succession, with 59.9% of patients seen within four hours, compared to 56.8% in England.’

    The comparison between England and Wales is emphasised further by a graph entitled: ‘Waiting times in major accident and emergency departments. % waiting under four hours – in Wales and England. Up to March 2023. Figures for England are Type 1 major emergency units.’

    So the BBC DOES regard such comparative assessments as newsworthy, relevant and useful – well at least sometimes! When will BBC Scotland publish a similar A&E comparison including NHS Scotland’s performance? Almost certainly never!

    Source https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-65335030?at_medium=RSS&at_campaign=KARANGA

    To be ‘fair’ to BBC Wales, in this article it does publish critical comments from opposition parties. These include this:

    ‘Plaid Cymru’s health spokesman Rhun ap Iorwerth said the Welsh government had showed a “continued inability to get on top of unacceptable waiting times”. He added that it raised “SERIOUS QUESTIONS ABOUT LABOUR’S CREDIBILITY IN TERMS OF RUNNING THE HEALTH SERVICE”.’ (my emphasis)

    Surely this can’t be the same Labour Party that has a certain Ms Baillie as a leading party member, MSP and health spokesperson who seeks to deceive the Scottish electorate into voting Labour as the silver bullet to solving NHS challenges in Scotland?

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    1. I understand your point Stewart, but have much the same unease over PC (or R2D2 previously for the Tories) abusing local management data for political purposes in Wales, as Labour/Tories/LibDems do in Scotland.
      Local political ambitions blind them to the fact they are dancing to the Tory tune.

      Local parties squabbling over who would better manage at political level, is preferable to them ALL uniting in demands HMG reverse the defunding at the root of the problem – The good old “Torches and Pitchforks” game.

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