Herald’s Tom Gordon living in parallel universe with trusted quality boast

For some time during the pandemic, the Herald had the above plea.

Today, the Herald’s Tom Gordonstoun repeats, way down the page this, on Keith Brown’s claim:

That’s all Tom has; a quote from the Scottish Cons?

The often maligned Conor Matchett has this:

But surely these opposition politicians cringe in embarrassment when confronted with the reality of what their respective parties are doing in government.

Voters watch on as a Tory UK Government continue to ignore and throttle freedom of information, delete potentially important private messages and stamp down on transparency.


And back in 2015, this:

This tale of betrayal of British and American interests – as opposed to commercial advantages which was their real objective – opens up a whole area of the Blair government to exposure for its double-dealing and naked hypocrisy affecting Scotland. It also leads directly to the door of Jim Murphy and reveals an untrustworthy individual who is the enemy of justice and transparency.


6 thoughts on “Herald’s Tom Gordon living in parallel universe with trusted quality boast

  1. Hoy’s remarks are all part of the current “corrupt SNP” gambit, Gordon is simply amplifying it.

    All political parties are secretive to some degree or other, but given the relentless attacks on the SNP it would be surprising were the party NOT particularly cautious over what gets into the public domain.

    IIRC Hoy refused as the Scottish branch chairman to reveal how many members they had whilst he was banging on about SNP membership falling…. hypocrisy on stilts….


  2. What infuriates me most, is the number of Scots, and yes, I know some of them, who take full advantage of the various benefits that the Scottish Government have made available to them, and yet continue to bad mouth the S.N.P/Greens. Dear knows what state the country would be in if the unionist parties were in charge.
    I used to buy the then Glasgow Herald in the 1950s/60s, when I thought it always gave a balanced view on, not only Scottish news, but International events. What a poisoned chalice it has become.

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  3. It is very sad to see what the Herald has become.

    If only it could begin to understand why people laugh at it’s claim of “trusted journalism” and why so very few people these days would consider buying it.

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  4. Are there any TUS readers out there who like me are pained at the state of the SNP currently and who are angry at the arrogant and out of touch responses from senior members of the party. Never mind what the tories are up! This is not what I voted for!

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    1. I guess public communication needs to be improved and any SNP member could not fail to be irritated at current criticisms but lets be clear the very very hostile and corrupt MS media continue to persistently exaggerate matters for their own ends to destroy the Independence movement completely. Take for example the delay in Ferries how much time has been devoted to this in the media in stark contrast to the many similar issues concerning the Tory Government. It is naive to believe otherwise. Be strong and more importantly continue to support the SNP. We shall prevail.

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