John Beattie ‘driving’ Radio Scotland down

The latest figures from Rajar show a staggering decline in Radio Scotland’s audience in just one year. In 2022, only 780 000 were listening, compared to 976 000 in the previous year, a 20.1% drop, in one year.

Figures for Good Mourning Scotland and John Beattie’s Diretime, sorry Drivetime, are not released as this would threaten national security.

However, a whistle-blower has told us that the decline has been largely due to the two flagship, high-end, political shows.

Police Scotland has refused to investigate a suggested connection between shouted interruptions of SNP spokespersons on these shows and RTAs within seconds.

The Herald is reporting this story but is keeping it well hidden away with no presence on its website yet.


11 thoughts on “John Beattie ‘driving’ Radio Scotland down

  1. Its not easy being a “live” radio/TV presenter when you have to listen to your ear-bud giving you the “narrative—especially if there is a delay on the line from London.

    That will be why they shout over SNP answers–it is difficult listening to two things at once—and their job depends on listening to the “Masters Voice” from dann saaff!

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    1. Agree Peter, gave up 3 years ago.
      Used to like the outdoors programme until every expert brought on was with a ‘foreign’ accent even although they worked in Scotland.


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