GMB Ferguson Marine rep forgets what Labour did to them

Ministers under fire?

By whom?

It’s just the one guy again! A Labour-still-friendly GMB rep.

Alex Logan, left

Logan has clearly forgotten this:

Political attacks on Ferguson Marine are putting the future of the shipyard in doubt, a trade union has warned.

The GMB hit out at Labour for using its members at the Port Glasgow business as a “political football”.

The union said it was right the Scottish Government was held to account over the massive delays in completing two new ferries for Caledonian MacBrayne – but warned the fall-out could permanently damage Ferguson’s reputation.

The shipyard was nationalised in 2019 after huge cost overruns on the ferry project pushed its former owner into administration.

The Scottish Government has faced huge political pressure to reveal why ministers decided to award the yard the contract for two ferries in 2015 despite civil service warnings.

But Nicola Sturgeon has insisted the decision to nationalise Fergusons was the right one.

GMB official Gary Cook wrote to Anas Sarwar to describe Labour’s approach to Fergusons as “disappointing”.

In a letter to the Scottish Labour leader, he said: “While the Scottish Government must be held to account for their poor governance, this should not come at the expense of the reputation of the workers at the yard or at the expense of the long-term future of the yard itself.

“Our members are being used as a political football”.

Cook pointed to a photocall held outside the shipyard last month in which Labour’s deputy leader, Jackie Baillie, was pictured in front of its entrance – but did not speak to GMB union conveners.

Who is Gary Cook? Him on the left, below, next to Alex:


6 thoughts on “GMB Ferguson Marine rep forgets what Labour did to them

  1. I guess from this Herald story the first of the two ferries is close to going into service, and all the critics of the Scottish Government’s decision to nationalise the shipyard in the media and opposition parties are shifting their position?

    I guessed right. The new ferries will be a popular and great addition to the CMAL fleet.

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  2. Worked ok for me, quite a ship.

    I guess that it will mean the Herald will have to go back to Michelle Mone “puff pieces” once it’s in service then? 🙂

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  3. “Haud the bus Glenn….breaking news.
    Its being reported that a non-Russian has given money to a political party”!

    “A non-Russian?? That’s a disgrace. Hiz somedy telt the polis”?

    “Aye itz they Nats again, theres a hole in their finances an’ the Polis is lookin’ intae it”!

    “A non-Russian subbin’ politicians? Thats interferin’ wi oor democracy, so it is”!

    “Aye Glenn, thon Jack Frost hiz the richt idea. Shut doon the Sweaties talkin’-shop an’ run ever thing frae Londin'”.

    “Haud on Juan, where wid we work if that wiz tae happen? Even DRossie kens he wid get the bullet, if it wiz a’ londin-based”!

    “Oh, sh!t—never thocht o that”!

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  4. It is only because of the SNP Gov they have any jobs. The unionists trashed the economy and the shipbuilding industry. The SNP Gov invested in it. Once the ferries ate finished they will save energy and monies.


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