Scottish Conservatives support SNP/Green and now Labour fishing ban


Whilst on the subject of cross party support for establishing HPMAs in Scotland, the main blog post added the Labour Party in Scotland to the SNP and the Scottish Greens. To these we can add the Tories in Scotland!

From the 2021 Tory manifesto for the Holyrood elections (with my emphasis):

‘One in nine species in Scotland are threatened by extinction. To prevent this, the Scottish Conservatives would bring forward an ambitious Nature Bill to strengthen environmental protections on land and sea for Scottish species and their habitats.

‘OUR COASTAL COMMUNITIES CAN THRIVE AND GROW WHILE WE BETTER PROTECT OUR MARINE BIOLOGY – THE TWO ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. With 61 per cent of the UK’s domestic waters, Scotland has an important role in responsible marine stewardship. We will review the current MARINE PROTECTED AREAS IN SCOTTISH WATERS, WITH A VIEW TO EXPANDING THEIR EXTENT, and PILOT THE INTRODUCTION OF HIGHLY PROTECTED MARINE AREAS. We will promote sustainable fishing and effective stock management.


The Westminster government intends to designate the first three Highly Protected Marine Areas in English waters before 6 July 2023. This decision has come following the analysis of responses from a consultation on five HPMA candidate sites. So of course the Tories in Scotland wanted HPMAs in Scotland too.


3 thoughts on “Scottish Conservatives support SNP/Green and now Labour fishing ban

  1. Ah but …. The Tory and Labour bills will allow for total exemptions for any donors who want to dredge and trawl: it’s just common sense, isn’t it? The SNP/Green proposals will be pure bad because it is them proposing them and they will not allow exemptions for the very rich fishers who can give the unionist parties a bung.

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  2. John,
    I don’t know how to separate the video so maybe you or someone else can as it is worth a watch to see what the Tories are doing to Scotland.
    I saw it in the National

    🚨 The UK Government has set FOUR key rules for the Scottish Government working overseas, in a move being described as ‘rude’ and ‘undemocratic 🚨

    Our political reporter
    explains everything you need to know

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  3. Politics Live,
    I have just seen 4 Unionist and I include Jo Coburn against 1 SNP in Stewart Hosie being found guilty Lam Tory asked about their money probs no answer,according to Liz Kendall Anas is doing great but would not say how many seats he will win and lab need these seats to form a Government in London which is a lie.

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